Although Manifest Season 3 just finished airing on NBC, fans are already talking about the future of the hit series. Namely, if the series will be renewed for season 4, where that season might end up airing and, of course, when season 3 finally finds its way onto Netflix.

The same day as the Manifest season 3 finale, the first two seasons of the missing plane drama landed on Netflix for streaming for the first time and immediately took off (pun intended). Since its streaming debut, Manifest climbed to first place in the top 10.

The series, which follows the passengers of a plane that has mysteriously disappeared for five years (at least for those do not on the plane), won a vote of confidence from Netflix subscribers and certainly attracted a significant number of new fans who could follow him until season 4.

But when those who just started to watch Manifest to catch up with the last season on Netflix? And when can devoted fans see again Manifest season 3 on the streamer? Here are the latest details on the streaming release date of the latest episodes.

When will Manifest Season 3 be on Netflix?

Currently, the estimate for the arrival of Season 3 on Netflix is ​​a bit on hold (again, the airplane puns are welcome). Most shows from other networks follow some sort of timeline or pattern for when new seasons arrive on Netflix.

For example, shows on The CW debut a week after their TV finals, while shows like Good girls and The best of LA can begin broadcasting for up to a year after their finals. Being that Manifest barely starting to stream on Netflix with two seasons, there is no one model to follow.

Decider estimates that Season 3 could join the first two seasons on Netflix until spring 2022, which is consistent with our educated guess. In the case where Manifest With season 4 being picked up by NBC, it’s not unlikely to add the previous season to Netflix ahead of its midseason arc.

However, Season 3 could also get to the streamer much sooner if the powers that be at Warner Bros. TV (the production company behind the NBC series) want to capitalize on the success of streaming. Right now, Season 3 is available on Hulu,, and Peacock.

Stay tuned for more updates on Netflix’s release date of Manifest season 3!

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