Deadline clarified that there is a “encouraging sign for Manifest fans”is that “Lucifer is also produced by WBTV, which gives the studio and Netflix a working model on how to successfully transfer a drama series that has been running for three years to the broadcaster.”. So the streaming platform could really say yes for a season 4 of Manifest.

Another point that could tip in favor of a renewal of Manifest on Netflix: season 1 and season 2 of the series are available on Netflix in the USA. And the day the show got canceled, Manifest was number 1 in the Netflix top 10 and the series stayed there all week.

The creator is not giving up and has ideas for season 4, the actors would also like to continue

Jeff Rake, who created Manifest, has a 6 season plan. That’s why he hopes to find a broadcaster, to be able to finish the series after 6 seasons, as he imagined with the ending he wants. He had launched the hashtag #SaveManifest on Twitter and other networks to get fans to support the series.

On Twitter, the creator even made a long live-tweets while exchanging with Internet users, while watching episodes of Manifest. “Reviewing these episodes with you gives me all kinds of new ideas for Season 4 and beyond. Thanks for participating! #SaveManifest #AllSixSeasons” he tweeted. No problem for the plots of season 4 so he already knows what to write and has more and more ideas for a possible sequel.

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