While the Manifest TV series tops the charts across all platforms in the United States, Netflix’s efforts to win continues after NBC stopped programming it in its third season.

Immediately after the TV series was canceled, creators and producers set out to find a new partner to take over from NBC. Discussions between the streaming giant and Warner Bros are ongoing and the financial viability of the project is under discussion.

So far, only a few canceled TV series have been saved by Netflix, most notably Lucifer, which became a hit after being dropped by FX after three seasons. Warner Bros. is, among other things, the production company behind the television series starring Tom Ellis. This is an encouraging sign for fans of the series who are not resigned to the cancellation.

Created by Jeff Rake, who also has a six-season plan for Manifest, the series has received support from the entire team who demonstrated on Twitter with #SaveManifest.

The first season aired between 2018 and 2019, averaging over 11 million viewers per episode when it first aired. The second aired in mid-2020 and averaged over 7 million viewers. That average dropped to five million in the third season.

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