Debate between activist and former criminal judge illustrates black community split over case

Black news channel Marc Lamont Hill and former reality TV court judge Joe brown engaged in a heated debate Thursday over the disgraced comedian Bill Cosbythe recent release from prison during.

Brown appeared on Hill’s television news program, “Black News Tonight”. Hill later tweeted that the exchange, which took place the day after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned Cosby’s 2018 sexual assault conviction, left him “disgusted.”

Hill, a professor at Cosby’s alma mater, Temple University, invited Brown to his show for a discussion on the issue after the two launched opposing tweets about the reversal. In a segment that lasted over 15 minutes, the two went back and forth about Cosby and his accusers.

Black News Tonight host Marc Lamont Hill (left) and former reality TV judge Joe Brown (right)

Black News Tonight host Marc Lamont Hill (left) and former reality TV judge Joe Brown (right)

While the two agreed in the interview that the legal manner of convicting Cosby for assault was indeed unfair, they differed over what Cosby’s 2005 deposition at the center of the criminal case means. The deposition was part of a case in civil court, in which Cosby revealed he had obtained medication to give to the women he planned to sue for sex.

Hill asked if Cosby should still be held accountable for his predatory behavior, to which Brown responded by drawing attention to the accusers.

“What if these women were responsible for their own behavior,” said Brown, who hosted the show “Judge Joe Brown”. “They were groupies. Sex, drugs, rock and roll; sex, drugs, rap; sex, drugs, baseball; Soccer; basketball; movies; television. See, it’s called being a groupie. We have forgotten what that term meant.

Brown continued, “The bimbos come to the party. They hang out, they get drunk, they snort shot lines and they have fun. They use the hallway closets to nod, the bathrooms to go downstairs, and you come in to get your coat off the bed and they lay on it doing someone. See, that’s what it is.

When Hill argued that what Cosby had done was not consensual because he drugged the women, Brown replied, “He gave them pills. He didn’t force him to swallow their throats. He did not take advantage of it.

After the show, Hill tweeted a statement on Friday about his debate with Brown.

“Last night I interviewed Judge Joe Brown. I was disappointed and disgusted by his misogyny and his apologies for the rape culture. I wish I had ended the interview earlier, ”Hill said.

This prompted another response from Brown, who said Hill was “out of it all. [his] league ”, exclaiming that“ I was in control of the narrative ”.

“You advocate feminist emotionality; ignorance of the rule of law and of the crowd, the cause of so many black plagues, ”he continued. “MAN-UP & stop letting yourself be used by our enemies.” “

The practice match between Hill, an activist, and Brown, a former Tennessee criminal court judge, first developed on the social app after Cosby’s release from prison on Wednesday.

hill argued that the ruling did not make Cosby innocent or exonerated, claiming his release “means Cosby, a sexual predator, has been incarcerated in a criminal justice system that has as little respect for its own rules and procedures as Cosby does for its victims “.

Brown, however, took a different take on the Cosby controversy, calling it how the issue was portrayed in the media.

“Anyone who knew about US law would have waited and predicted the outcome of the Cosby appeal,” he said. “The mainstream media and Hollywood instigate public disorder by lying to the people about the law and encouraging mob rule. Hollywood reacts to Bill Cosby’s exit with shock.

As stated in leGrioCosby was released from jail on Wednesday after serving two years after being convicted of drugging and assaulting a Temple University employee Andrea Constand. He was originally sentenced to three to ten years.

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