From the holidays to the Independence Day celebration of the United States, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s favorite gadget, it seems, is his surfboard. Not too long ago, Zuckerberg was pictured on a surfboard while on a family vacation in Hawaii. This photo, however, went viral for a completely different reason – her face smeared with sunscreen. But on July 4, U.S. Independence Day, Zuckerberg posted a new video to Facebook where he can be seen wakeboarding with bewildering ease while holding the American flag in the air in his right hand.

“Happy July 4th! »Read the caption of the video. With clear skies above his head and breathtaking mountains in the background, the 37-year-old surfed while “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” John Denver’s anthem to Virginia- Western, was playing.

“It’s the most wonderful thing I’ve seen,” wrote Ricki Lee. And then Zuckerberg responded by saying, “It was pretty fun too.”

Borrtex, the music composer from the Czech Republic, praised Zuckerberg’s surfboard. “WOW! This surfboard looks a bit out of this world, how does it work? ” He asked.

Zuckerberg replied that it was a hydrofoil. “There is an underwater kite that I ride that pushes the board through the air. It’s a lot of fun. There is an electric version that you can get, but in this video I am riding a regular foil board and ride a little wave, ”he said.

As people commented on Zuckerberg’s video on Facebook, a Twitter user posted a scaled-down version of the clip to the microblogging site and it blew up.

And that was enough for people to come up with cheeky answers.

Some were just not impressed.

And yes, why would no one remember it?

And this meme takes the cake.

The latest surfing video with Zuckerberg in the foreground comes two months after he explained his “lizard look” which, in his words, “backfired on him”. In a live chat with Instagram manager Adam Mosseri, titled “As long as the world keeps spinning, memes keep spinning,” Zuckerberg said he noticed a paparazzi following them. “I was like I didn’t want him to recognize me. So what I’m going to do is put on tons of sunscreen,” he said.

However, Zuckerberg went on to admit that it certainly wasn’t his best-laid plan. “But it backfired on him. And I should have really thought about it before I did it, ”he said with a laugh. He added that he has pale skin and therefore uses a lot of sunscreens to keep his skin healthy.

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