Marvel Comics has revealed that Sam Wilson is getting a new shield as he teams up with Steve Rogers in Captain America’s United States.

Warning! Spoilers for Captain America’s United States # 1 below

Captain America gets a whole new shield in Marvel Comics, as Sam Wilson will sport a black and white version in an upcoming United States issue of Captain America. In a new preview of the series, Sam Wilson wears a black shield with a white star, which writer Christopher Cantwell has confirmed to be a new prop for the hero.

With Captain America’s original shield stolen in Captain America’s United States # 1 by Cantwell, Dale Eaglesham, Matt Milla and Joe Caramagna of VC, Steve Rogers teams up with fellow (and former) shield-carrying heroes. He will travel the country to catch the person responsible. Along the way, Captain America will meet several “Captains” from different parts of the United States, who are the Captain America of their own communities, including the first openly gay Captain Aaron Fischer, the first Native Captain Joe Gomez, and in the next issue he will meet a black teenage girl named Nichelle Wright who has her own shield.

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In new previews for Captain America’s United States # 2, Steve Rogers uses his photon shield to fight against a mysterious masked figure who is strewn with bullets. On the next page, Steve meets Sam Wilson as the couple discuss Wright and his connection to the Shield. Wilson’s Captain America is revealed to have a brand new black shield, with a giant white star in the middle. Writer Christopher Cantwell has confirmed the Twitter that the shield is new to Wilson.

Captain America new shield

Overviews for Captain America’s United States # 2 also highlights Nichelle Wright’s next adventure. The captain kicks in as a restaurant is broken into. Dressed in her own Captain America costume and holding a hero-like shield, Wright tells the kitchen workers to be quiet as she approaches two gunmen in the dining room.

The first issue of Captain America’s United States was a revealing look at a hero who struggles with a sense of what the country really stands for while highlighting those who have become their own versions of Cap in awe of the many different shield bearers. Cantwell, Eaglesham, and the rotating creative teams tell a passionate and much-needed story about what it really means to be Captain America. It’s cool to see them having fun and introducing new elements to the Captain America mythos – including Sam Wilson’s new shield, which looks great. Captain America’s United States # 2 is in comic bookstores on July 28, 2021.

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