In a new documentary that discusses whether Meghan Markle played a role in breaking the fraternal bond between Prince Harry and Prince William, a journalist friend of the former American television actress has attempted to defend her, but appears to have confirmed the claims. suspicion of some critics. about her.

Britain’s Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, arrive at the Royal Albert Hall in London to attend the Mountbatten Festival of Music in 2020, ahead of their film in the United States. (Simon Dawson / Pool via Associated Press)

In ITV’s new documentary, “Harry and William: What went wrong?” reporter Omid Scobie described Meghan as a star who entered the royal family as a talented and independent woman after a successful career in Hollywood, and therefore saw herself as offering a fresh take on how the royal family could use her celebrity to advance their brand and causes they care about.

“Meghan arrived motivated and ready to work and it immediately ruffled the feathers,” said Scobie, co-author of “Finding Freedom”, the sympathetic book on Harry and Meghan’s exit from royal life in 2020 and their move. in the USA.

“She is a woman in her thirties. I think she’s proven to herself and to the people she’s worked with up to that point that she knows what she’s doing, ”added Scobie, who also provides a royal commentary for “Good Morning America”.

Critics of Meghan would say it was presumptuous of her to think that the centuries-old monarchy would suddenly change its operations because of a newcomer. Likewise, Meghan “was definitely not someone who was going to change just to please the people around her,” Scobie added.

Scobie also suggested that Meghan bristled to learn that she and Harry were not as high in the royal hierarchy as William and Kate Middleton, as Harry is only sixth on the throne while William will one day become king.

“I felt that we also had to remind them: ‘You are not the stars of the series here. There’s a hierarchy and you don’t get it very high, ”Scobie said.

Some of Scobie’s observations match the views expressed by other writers and royal journalists interviewed for the ITV documentary.

The sightings also follow reports which allege Meghan intimidated palace staff, sparking an investigation at Buckingham Palace. Meghan, who now lives with Harry in California, has firmly denied the allegations, saying she was the victim of a “smear campaign” before her and Harry’s explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey in March.

Catherine St-Laurent, who worked as chief of staff for Harry and Meghan’s Archewell Foundation, praised the couple’s leadership in a new interview with The Cut. “They are incredibly talented and creative leaders. … The time I have spent with them has been incredibly rewarding.

On British royal beat, it’s usually Scobie’s role to present Harry and Meghan’s point of view and portray the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in a positive light, unlike the tabloids.

Speaking of Meghan’s alleged concerns about the hierarchy, she expected her and Harry to be “on an equal footing” with William and Kate, Camilla Tominey, deputy editor of the Daily Telegraph, said in the documentary.

Meghan and Harry told Oprah Winfrey they left the UK because of the incessant tabloids coverage of her. They also complained that the royal family was cruel and dysfunctional and that at least one member harbored racist attitudes.

Tominey said the real “drop in the water” for the Sussexes was when they were denied the right to start their own homes, like William and Kate, according to Tominey. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles told them no.

“Why can’t we have what the Cambridges have?” We should be on a level playing field, ”said Tominey, asked the Sussexes.

Meanwhile, author Robert Lacey, who covered the bullying allegations in an updated edition of his book, “Battle of Brothers,” cited a source close to William who said Meghan appeared to have a “agenda” since the start of her relationship with Harry. Lacey also quoted someone who said Meghan could be a ‘500% nightmare’ because of ‘endless PR’

Author Penny Junor said Meghan didn’t make a good first impression when she joined the royal family either.

“She wasn’t as charming as she looked,” Junor said. “Harry and Meghan’s approach isn’t just Californian, it’s showbiz-y, celebrity. Our royal family is not a celebrity. They are active members of a public institution.

The ITV documentary aired this weekend, raising new questions about William and Harry’s future relationship. The brothers appeared to be polite and friendly to each other last week, when they jointly unveiled a statue at Kensington Palace dedicated to their late mother Princess Diana, but Harry reportedly left Kensington Palace immediately after the ceremony, without the brothers have the chance to meet privately and talk about their differences.

The documentary sparked another controversy, linked to other comments from Scobie. The Daily Mail reported that ITV cut a line at Scobie, at the request of Kensington Palace, in which it claimed William’s staff planted a media article questioning the Prince’s mental health condition Harry.

According to Scobie, this story came to light after Harry and Meghan gave an explosive interview in South Africa in 2019, when the Duchess first suggested that the Royal Family were indifferent to their mental health issues and Harry said. ‘first confirmed that there were tensions between him and his brother.

The original footage from the show quoted Scobie as saying, “I would say it wasn’t a coincidence that soon after the broadcast, even the next day, there were quotes from sources from a senior palace official. of Kensington saying William was worried about his brother’s mental health.

The Daily Mail said Kensington Palace was threatening legal action if the line “on his brother’s sanity” was not removed. The palace said it was “false and defamatory” and claimed that Scobie had no evidence to support such a claim. After “careful consideration,” ITV “chose to remove” the reference to mental health.

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