Microsoft employee plays on smartphone using Xbox controller, Seoul 2020

Xbox, the video games branch of Microsoft, announced on June 10 the upcoming launch of a dematerialized gaming service, similar to what Google’s Stadia system offers. Clearly, subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service, who pay a monthly subscription to freely access a catalog of a hundred games for download, will in the near future be able to play these same games without downloading them, from a web browser. or even on a TV screen via a special adapter.

Microsoft has not given the precise launch date of this new service, which will first be available in Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Japan before being extended to other countries, but it is planned for this. year. The company also claims to be in discussions with manufacturers of connected televisions, to be able to offer its service directly on these screens – only a controller will be needed to play. A test version of the service is already available since September on smartphones.

High speed access

For the consumer, digital gaming services have the advantage of not requiring the purchase of powerful and expensive consoles or PCs, and of offering instant access to vast game catalogs. They do, however, require an Internet connection. stable and fast, which makes them impractical in areas without broadband access, and have also been criticized for their power consumption. Stadia, Google’s comparable system, had a mixed launch, partly linked to a reduced game catalog, which additionally requires purchasing each game individually – the Xbox offering will build on it. , on the extensive catalog already offered on the Microsoft service, and fully accessible with a simple subscription.

During the presentation of the new service, Xbox also alluded to possible changes in prices and offers in certain countries, “So that more gamers around the world can enjoy the most immersive and fun games, regardless of their device, where they live and their financial situation”Microsoft said.

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