NBC has canceled the series good girls Fans were disappointed, as were series actress Christina Hendricks and May Whitman, who shared their grief on Instagram.

Four seasons, so let’s go! NBC ruled, serial good girls He won’t have a fifth season, according to diverse. The envisaged agreement that a television series produced by Universal could continue on Netflix would not be valid. However, the platform in France will broadcast, as planned, the remaining five episodes of the fourth season and, therefore, the final season, unless there is a possible distortion. In the series created by Gina Banes, Christina Hendricks, May Whitman and Rita play mothers living in a suburb of Detroit, in the United States, who rob a store. Those who look the most “Bad girls” just for “Good girls” They work for Ryo, the leader of the local gang.. A character that leads them directly to money laundering.

The passion of the actresses of the series.

On Instagram, the actresses accuse the blow. “We will do it, We gave it our all. We really did. Thank you to our wonderful fans over the years for all of your passion and support.Christina Hendricks, Beth’s translator, captioned one of the photos showing her character hiding her eyes from Annie, played by Mae Whitman: So we don’t see the truth of the final announcement. good girls. The same visual was also published a few minutes ago by this actress on the same social network.

Another interrupted NBC series

Christina Hendricks was shocked today! good girls However, after four seasons, at first, he didn’t think this story could last more than one episode. “At first when I read the demo script I thought: ‘I like it, but I can’t imagine this to be more than one episode., was revealed in the columns Guardian early June. according to diverseAnd the good girls It’s not the only series that NBC has closed.. Zoe and her incredible playlist And the Shows It will not be renewed either. For other series like we are we (sixth season) and Brooklyn nine nine (Season 8), this should be the last season.

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