Major US streamers (Netflix, Amazon and Disney +) could be regulated in the UK for the first time, under proposals being considered by Boris Johnson’s government. This possibility is the subject of much discussion these days, which has also sparked several debates on social media.

Ministers from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport said they would hold a consultation on plans to subject streaming giants to UK program laws, in order to bring them in line with the BBC, ITV , Sky and the others.
The first study was launched last weekend, alongside debates over the privatization of Channel 4’s The Great British Bake Off, which has been in the public sector since 1982.

We touched on the subject of Brexit and TV series a few days ago. The government said it would consider whether the rules needed to be tightened to ensure that broadcasters have appropriate age ratings for content, and whether they should be subject to standards of fairness and accuracy for broadcasters. documentaries and news programs.
However, Netflix, for example, does not fall under the regulation of Ofcom, which is present in the UK, but of the Netherlands, where its European headquarters are located.
The ministers added: “We will consider measures to level the playing field so that public service broadcasters can compete with their international competitors. “
The government then named Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime Video, which together have nearly 30 million UK subscribers. It feels like we are witnessing one of the biggest turnarounds in entertainment history.

In January, Netflix increased subscription prices for UK users; what will be the next actions of the streamers after this possibility palpated by the British government?

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