Two French series are coming to streaming platforms this week. On Netflix, “Lupine” returns for the second part of its season 1 with five new episodes. On Amazon Prime Video, “Mixte”, the platform’s second French series, located in a high school in the 1960s, arrives with the first part of its season 1.

On the cinema side, Netflix is ​​offering a new unpublished animated film, “The Genius Dragon”, produced by Jackie Chan. On Canal +, you can watch the French comedy “Énorme” with Marina Foïs and Jonathan Cohen.

On OCS, the return of the HBO series “Betty” for a second season and, on Disney +, the arrival of the Australian series “The Gloaming”.

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The long-awaited sequel to ‘Lupine’ arrives on Netflix Friday 11

The platform’s successful French series returns, again with Omar Sy in the lead role. In the second part of this first season, the hero will notably have to find his son, kidnapped in Étretat at the very end of the previous episode.

Netflix is ​​also releasing the animated film ‘The Genius Dragon’ online Friday 11

After “The Mitchell versus the Machines”, Netflix is ​​launching another film produced by Sony Pictures Animation, “The Dragon Genius”, a film directed by a Chinese animation studio and produced by Jackie Chan (who lends his voice to the film’s dragon in the Mandarin version) and Aron Warner (producer of the “Shrek” saga). The film follows a young delivery boy who lives and works in China’s largest city, and comes face to face with a dragon that springs from a magical teapot.

On Amazon Prime Video, launch of the French series ‘Mixte’ Monday 14

After the failure of “Deutsch-les-Landes”, Amazon Prime Video was slow to come up with a new original French series. There she is. “Mixed” takes place in the 1960s, in a boys’ high school which welcomes girls for the first time. We find Pierre Deladonchamps, Nina Meurisse and Maud Wyler in the cast.

Amazon Prime also offers the final season of ‘Shameless’ Tuesday 15

The crazy family series finally comes to an end after 11 seasons. It is also an opportunity to discover the daily life of the Gallagher family, settled in the South Side, an underprivileged neighborhood of Chicago, and to see the characters grow through the previous seasons available on the platform. These final episodes deal in particular with the consequences of Covid-19 on the neighborhood and the growing gentrification, while the patriarch of the Gallagher family, Frank, faces his mortality.

On Canal +, broadcast of the film ‘Enorme’ with Marina Foïs and Jonathan Cohen Wednesday 16

Sophie Letourneur’s comedy was well received by critics when it was released in theaters last September. At 40, Frédéric wants a baby while he and his wife, Claire, agreed never to have one. He decides to give her a child in the back.

OCS launches season 2 of the HBO series ‘Betty’ saturday 12

This series on a group of women skaters in New York was quietly released in the spring of 2020, garnering the favors of American critics. She returns for six more episodes, the opportunity to catch up by seeing season 1, still available on OCS.

Finally, Disney + offers the unseen Australian series ‘The Gloaming’ Friday 11

This thriller follows a police inspector who will have to team up with a police officer with whom she shares a tragic past to investigate the brutal murder of an unidentified woman.

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