The weather will be uncertain over part of France on this first weekend of summer. Fortunately the streaming platforms have planned some new things to keep you occupied if the rain prevents you from going out. Netflix is ​​launching its series “Sex / Life”, which should make people talk, as well as the Swedish series for teenagers “Young Royales”.

As for other services, Amazon Prime Video offers “Solos”, an anthology series with a prestigious cast, while Salto puts the entire “Brothers Scott” online. Finally, Canal + notably offers all the seasons of “Bienvenue à Schitt’s Creek”, a series previously unseen in France.

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Here are the movies and series to watch this week on streaming platforms:

On Netflix, launch of the series ‘Sex / Life’ friday 25 june

In line with the successes of “Fifty Shades of Gray” and “365 Days”, Netflix offers a series adapted from the novel “4 men in 44 chapters”. It tells the story of the love triangle between a woman, her husband and a man who emerges from her past. Presented as a “new and provocative look at feminine identity and desire”, she promises, given the trailer, torrid scenes that should be talked about.

Netflix also offers the Swedish series ‘Young Royals’ Thursday July 1

A few weeks after the launch of season 4 of “Elite”, Netflix puts online a new series for teens in a high school for young people from wealthy families. Here, the prince of the Swedish royal family arrives at school and will seek to find a place for himself and lead a normal life, when an event turns everything upside down.

Amazon Prime Video Streams ‘Solos’ Series friday 25 june

This collection of seven episodes with different plots, but connected, brings together an impressive cast including Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway, Uzo Aduba, Helen Mirren or Dan Stevens.

Canal + puts the entire ‘Welcome to Schitt’s Creek’ online saturday june 26

This Canadian comedy tells the story of a wealthy, penniless family arriving in the small town of Schitt’s Creek, which it bought years ago. After a low-key launch, the series became a phenomenon in the United States after it was added to Netflix. The last season won all the major awards in its category at the last Emmy Awards, a first.

Also on Canal +, broadcast of the film ‘La Nuit Coming’ with Camélia Jordana Monday 28 June

Contemplative thriller and dark love story against a backdrop of electro music, “La Nuit Coming” plunges us into the story of Jin, a Chinese immigrant played by Guang Huo who works as a private driver for the Mafia. He meets Naomi, played by Camélia Jordana, a call girl with whom will be born a relationship.

Finally, Salto adds the complete ‘Brothers Scott’ Thursday July 1

The French platform puts online the nine seasons of this emblematic series of the 2000s. We follow two half-brothers raised separately who find themselves rivals in the same high school basketball team. To make matters worse, one of them falls in love with the other’s girlfriend.

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