Last Friday, Netflix closed a week full of announcements with a final conference devoted to video game adaptations. The platform announced the arrival of two series inspired by the universe of Far Cry as well as a production stamped Splinter Cell.

Netflix is ​​more interested than ever in the world of video games. On the fifth and last day of his Geeked Week, an online event dedicated to his most popular productions “geek”, the platform announced a plethora of new projects inspired by video game sagas. On Friday, June 11, the focus was on the Far Cry franchise, which will be entitled to two animated series. If no details were given on the first of them, which should nevertheless be inspired by the first opus released in 2004, Netflix has been generous on the side of its spin-off Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix. Inspired by Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon released in 2013, this new animated series will be written and created by Adi Shankar who was already at work with Castlevania. The executive producer describes this new anime as a series “Inspired by Saturday morning cartoons, violent video games marketed to children and professional wrestling encountering cyberpunk dysptopia”. A first teaser has already been shared.

An adaptation of Splinter Cell

The noise of the corridors has become official information. While it has been rumored since last July that the red N is preparing an adaptation of the saga Splinter Cell, she has just confirmed that a project of the kind was in development. The ties that already unite Ubisoft and Netflix will therefore be strengthened. This new series should follow the adventures of the hero Sam Fisher, a former commando of the US Navy Seals turned elite agent of Echelon 2 of the NSA. Master of stealth movement and infiltration, the character must in games sneak into shadowy areas to achieve the objectives assigned to him. It will be expected that the series will honor this kind of sequences, while probably offering a new depth to the plot. The latter will be handwritten by Derek Kolstad. The screenwriter is a regular in the genre since it is to him that we owe the franchise John Wick.

Finally a trailer for The Cuphead Show

Released in 2017 on PC and Xbox One, Cuphead follows the adventures of two cups who decide to go for a ride to the casino. After a game of dice with the devil, they lose their souls. To get them back, they’ll have to collect those from different bosses. The game is inspired by retro cartoons and especially Walt Disney productions. For now, Netflix has not given a release date and has simply announced that it will arrive shortly. It will therefore still be necessary to be patient.

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