Netflix cancels Jupiter’s Legacy series, one month after release

End of work for Jupiter’s Legacy, which is withdrawing only a month after the broadcast of its first season. Nonetheless, Mark Millar has plenty of ideas and announces a spin-off centered on supervillains.

Last May, Netflix unveiled the first season of Jupiter’s Legacy. Adapted from the eponymous comics by Mark Millar, the production had been far from unanimous among fans of superheroes. She also had trouble convincing us. The ax is now fallen, it will not have season 2. It is on Twitter that Mark Millar announced the bad news to his fans. In a dedicated publication, he explains that if the adventure ends there for the Sampsons, the universe will continue to grow.

“I’m very proud of what the teams are doing with Jupiter’s Legacy and the incredible work the teams have done this season. People ask me a lot what will happen next with this universe and the answer lies on the side of the supervillains. I’ve always loved Tarantino and Scorsese crime stories and villains have always been the funniest part of superhero stories. Doing something exclusively about the villains they face is something that seems new. ”

Heists and superpowers

Inspired by comics Super Crooks, created in collaboration with Francis Yu, this new series should therefore be part of the trend of the moment, which wants the antagonists to steal the show from the heroes by sticking. This will undoubtedly allow the work of Mark Millar to gain in intensity and depth, and why not reproduce the little miracle of Kick-Ass or Kingsman. The plot of this new series will center on the team of Johnny Bolt, a criminal and his villainous friends who play expats in Spain. As they prepare for a massive heist, things get complicated when Johnny discovers that their target is actually the greatest criminal of all time.

For the moment, Mark Millar gives very few details on the project which we still imagine at an embryonic stage. However, we must expect that the screenwriter continues to offer us exclusive information on his Twitter account. We will therefore keep our eyes open.

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