The platform unveils the program of celebrations with the new series and new films that will join its catalog.

It is an appointment not to be missed. Each month, Netflix unveils the release schedule on its platform. In June, the platform invites us to Paris for Lupin’s new adventures. The internationally successful French series will unveil the second part of its first season. We will also discover Sweet Tooth, produced by Robert Downey JR


  • Sweet tooth (season 1) – June 4

On a perilous adventure through a post-apocalyptic world, an adorable half-human, half-deer boy seeks a new beginning in the company of a gruff protector. Created by Jim Mickle and Beth Schwartz and produced by Robert Downey JR, Sweet Tooth is an adaptation of the eponymous comics. The series promises to offer us an enchanted parenthesis in a fantastic universe populated by very cute creatures.

  • Lupine (part 2) – June 11

Assane is back. Wanting revenge on Pellegrini, the burglar gentleman destroyed his own family. Cornered, he is forced to devise a new plan to eliminate the man who had his father locked up. Even if it means putting oneself in danger. Created by George Kay in collaboration with François Uzan, Lupine is a modern reinterpretation of Arsène Lupine. We will find Omar Sy in the skin of the main character. The French actor faces Ludivine Sagnier (Mesrine), Nicole Garcia (My uncle from America) and Hervé Pierre (The taste of wonders). Soufiane Guerrab (Patients) will also be there. The series has been renewed for a third part.

  • Three meters above the sky (season 2) – June 3
  • Feel good (season 2) – June 12
  • It crisp (season 1) – June 9
  • Workin’Moms (season 5) – June 15
  • Black Summer (season 2) – June 17
  • Elite (season 4) – June 18
  • Atiye (season 3) – June 17
  • Nevertheless (season 1) – June 19 at 6 p.m.
  • The Naked Director (season 2) – June 24
  • Black Lightning (season 4) – June 29
  • Not even worth it – soon


  • Carnival– June 2
  • Dance with the queens– June 3
  • We don’t stop the Kandasamys anymore – June 4
  • Xtreme – June 4
  • Awake – June 9

After a planetary catastrophe deprives humanity of its sleep, an ex-soldier fights to protect her family as society and her sanity threaten to collapse. Directed by Mark Raso, Awake will star Gina Rodriguez. The actress has already distinguished herself in the series Jane the virgin on CW and therefore operates a register change.

  • La Casa de las Flores: the movie – June 23
  • America: the movie – June 30th
  • Prime Time – June 30th
  • Ali & Raty Ratu Queens – soon


  • Our planet has its limits: the science alert – June 4
  • Cats, this is really us – June 5
  • Free your mind – June 15
  • Cape of the penguins (season 1) – June 16
  • This is Pop (season 1) – June 22
  • Murders on the costa del sol: the Wanninkhof-Carabantes affair – June 23
  • Three sisters in the starting blocks – June 24
  • Chronicle of a murder: the Tuscan case of the planter – June 30th

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