Many new features are coming to streaming platforms this week. On the film side, Netflix offers an original science fiction feature film, with Gina Rodriguez in the lead role. As for Disney +, the platform offers the latest film from Disney animation studios, “Raya and the Last Dragon”.

On the series side, Netflix is ​​launching an ambitious fantasy production, “Sweet Tooth”, while Amazon Prime Video is releasing an original Brazilian series inspired by a true story. But the event also comes from Disney +, which launches its new Marvel series, “Loki”, centered on Thor’s famous evil brother.

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Here are the movies and series to watch this week on streaming platforms:

Netflix launches ‘Sweet Tooth’ fantasy series – Friday 4th

Produced by Robert Downey Jr. and adapted from a comic book, this series imagines a world where hybrid babies are born, half human half animal, after a disaster. Hybrids are hunted and persecuted. Gus, a half-stag boy, lives away from the world in a forest. He will meet Tommy Jepperd, a lonely man with whom he will go on an adventure in search of his origins.

Also on Netflix, the movie ‘Awake’ – Wednesday 9

Gina Rodriguez plays Jill, the main role of this science fiction film in which a world event causes all electronic devices to disappear and Humanity loses the ability to sleep. Jill might hold the key to getting things back to normal thanks to her daughter.

Amazon Prime Video offers its Brazilian series ‘Dom’ – Wednesday 9

This Brazilian thriller traces the true story of Pedro Dom, a young man from the middle class of Rio who becomes addicted to cocaine then takes the head of a network of traffickers in the 2000s, and of his father, Victor, who works for the police intelligence services.

Amazon Prime Video and Netflix put ‘Vikings’ season 6 online – Saturday 5

After its broadcast on Canal +, the ten episodes of the first part of season 6 of the historic action series arrive on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video on the same day, enough to satisfy fans before the arrival of the ten other episodes of this series. final season later.

Disney + offers the latest, theatrically unreleased Disney film ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ – Friday 4th

Released in March at the cinema and on Disney + in the United States and in the rest of Europe, the last feature film from Disney studios could not be released in France because of the closing of theaters. It is finally released only on the streaming platform. It tells the story of young Raya, who sets out in search of the last dragon in the imaginary kingdom of Kumandra.

Disney + is also launching its new Marvel series ‘Loki’ – Wednesday 9

The highly anticipated next Marvel production to arrive on Disney +, after “WandaVision” and “Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” follows arguably the franchise’s most popular villain, Loki, brother of Thor, on an adventure through the time and parallel universes.

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Finally, on Salto, launch of season 2 of ‘Why Women Kill’ – Friday 4

The series by Marc Cherry, creator of “Desperate Housewives”, was one of the surprise TV successes of the first confinement when it was broadcast on M6. She returns for a season 2 broadcast simultaneously from the United States on Salto. This new burst of episodes tells a completely different story from the first, and features Alma, a reserved housewife who seeks acceptance into a prestigious private club.

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