He files a complaint for “public provocation to discrimination, to racial hatred”. A young man, filmed without his knowledge in the film “Sentinel” on Netflix, has filed a complaint against the firm that broadcasts it, said the Nice prosecutor’s office, Monday, June 14.

This 21-year-old electrician says he received more than 80 messages from acquaintances telling him that he appeared in this film, shot in 2019 and broadcast in March 2021 on Netflix. He then discovers a scene during which the heroine observes through the telescope of her submachine gun two young men greet each other and leave each other on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice.

In the audio description version, it is then written: “Two young bearded men with backpacks shake hands and go their separate ways”. A qualification that shocked the young man. “The director authorized himself to make a link between the Maghrebian aspect of the people filmed, which is moreover without their authorization and on the scene of the attack of July 14, 2016, and religious fundamentalists. This is unacceptable. , this implies that any person of North African origin is potentially a terrorist “, declared his lawyer Me Jean-Pascal Padovani.

The complainant, filmed without his knowledge, also plans to file a second complaint for “exploitation of image for commercial purposes without authorization”. Netflix declined to comment on this matter, but withdrew the term nonetheless “bearded” audio description.

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