Who better to bring the story of a platform to the screen than another platform? Netflix will produce a series adapted from the book Spotify Untold. According to Variety, the Red N has already recruited some of the cast and the start of filming is reportedly imminent.

“The exciting story of David vs. Goliath, that of a young hacker from Rågsved who becomes the biggest music company and who beats Apple at his own game”. This is how the authors of Spotify Untold describe their book focusing on the rise of the music service. This epic, told through more than 70 interviews with sources close to the file, will be adapted by another streaming giant, but this time on the video side. Indeed, Netflix is ​​preparing a fictional mini-series that will follow the incredible rise of the company Swedish. Announced in 2019, this new Netflix production is about to enter the filming phase according to Variety. The American media also unveils the cast of the series which still has no name.

Thus, we should find Edvin Endre in the main role. The actor who distinguished himself in Vikings will play the entrepreneur Daniel EK. Ulf Stenberg (To Stranger) will camp Pear Sundin. He will give the reply to Gizem Erdogan (Love & Anarchy), Joel Lützow (Gasmamman) and Christian Hillborg (The Last Kingdom). For now, no actor has been announced to play Steve Jobs. It’s also unclear if the apple company will be mentioned.

To the production of its six episodes, we find Yellow Bird UK and Banijay Group production. The production will be provided by Per-Olva Sorensen, who is not his first collaboration with the platform. As a reminder, it is to him that we owe the series Home for Christmas. The adapted screenplay is hand-signed by Christian Spurrier (Silk). Already presented on the Netflix interface, the series should be released on our screens in 2022.

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