If you frequently read the GQ, you know perfectly Virgin river. Because this series broadcast on Netflix had conquered us and we had not failed to let you know here. At the beginning, Virgin river wasn’t telling us anything good. The dramatic-romantic mix in a lost hole in the United States scared us a little. But a few days after having dived, with good reason, in In the shade of magnolias, an unpretentious feel good series, we told ourselves that the bis repetita was possible. It did.

Virgin river tells the story of Melinda Monroe, a nurse living in Los Angeles who answers an ad to practice in Virgin River, a small remote town in California. Its objective is to leave behind a very painful past that we will discover as the episodes go by. As soon as she arrived, she met the handsome Jack Sheridan, owner of the only bar in the area, Jack’s Bar. It will obviously facilitate its integration, which will not be the case for everyone. We immediately felt at ease in this very lost universe, almost out of time. Furthermore, Virgin river had the intelligence not to focus his plots only on the heroine Melinda but also on other characters that we will love and hate, sometimes both at the same time. And even though Season 2 is a tiny bit below, the twists don’t make the Netflix series fall adrift. The plot remains consistent and we would have a few more episodes with the Virgin River band. Like many people since the series was a great success on the American streaming platform. They will be very happy, and so will we, to learn that season 3 is about to begin.

On the series’ Instagram account, the various actors, including Alexandra Breckenridge, Martin Henderson and Colin Lawrence, participated in a nice little video to reveal the date of broadcast on Netflix for season 3. It will be Friday, July 9, two days before the coronations of the Blues at Euro football and Roger Federer at Wimbledon. We’ll be there.

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