Virgin River is back for more on Netflix. After two previous quick renovations, the wellness series Virgin River returns for Season 4 on Netflix and is expected to start filming later this summer.

Newbie for the first time on Netflix in December 2019, Virgin river It has become a jewel in Netflix’s library and one of the few series that is constantly updated in advance. Based on the novels by Robyn Carr, the show follows Mel, who moves to a quiet and isolated northern California town to get away from her previous life.

Some sources would say that the Netflix series Virgin River is already renewed for a new season

There are several factors that go into this decision, of course, but we have now renewed seasons 2 and 3 in advance. In the case of Season 3 (which is set to release globally on July 9, 2021), it was in production before season two, even at the end of November 2020.

Has Netflix quietly renewed Virgin River for its fourth season?

The source behind the early renovations is once again reporting that Season 4 is currently underway according to ProductionWeekly, indicating that there is more of the Netlfix series on the way for all fans.

According to the production list, Virgin River Temporada 4 is scheduled to resume filming from late July 2021 to late November (July 28-November 30 to be precise). This could adjust and change over time as production schedules are never set in stone, especially in these uncertain times.

Virgin River: The Netflix Series Is Based On The Novels By Robyn Carr

It’s a bit early to predict when we’ll see Virgin River Season 4 added to Netflix But given the quick overhaul and filming schedule, we might see Season 4 drop in mid-2022, but that’s just speculation at the moment.

As in all previous seasons, the show will continue to take place in Vancouver, Canada. We will undoubtedly get a preview of Season 4 of Virgin River when Season 3 releases, but until then the future remains bright for Virgin River on Netflix.

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