The hype around Resident Evil continues. Capcom has pulled off a big hit with Resident Evil Village, which is a smash hit. And Netflix is ​​raising the mayonnaise for the new animated series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

While waiting for the release on Netflix of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness (it’s for July 8), the streaming platform offers on YouTube the first minutes of the new animated series. The opening sequence features Jason and the US Army Mad Dogs in the midst of armed conflict.

Civil war and zombies

The soldiers on helicopter reconnaissance over an unidentified town in the Republic of Penamstan must land urgently to rescue comrades whose helicopter has crashed. The battle against enemy soldiers begins… Lots of action and testosterone in this excerpt, which doesn’t reveal much of the story itself.

Netflix has nevertheless already sold the fuse: the survivors of the crash that the Mad Dogs special forces wanted to save are dead, but the team sees them all the same … in a curious way. The team still manages to get out of the trap, and Jason becomes a federal agent and works in tandem with Leon S. Kennedy.

The “real” scenario takes place six years after the events in Penamstan, when Jason and Leon investigate an attempt to hack a top secret White House file. A file related to a Shanghai-based biology laboratory. The two agents must suddenly react to a zombie attack …

Meanwhile, in Penamstan, Claire Redfiled searches and finds evidence of a monstrous experiment that took place during the country’s civil war …

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