Netflix continues to innovate in order to always satisfy its customers. This time, the platform has bet on originality and the idea is already appreciated by Internet users. It is indeed a store of derivative products in which you will find all kinds of things related to the series and films it produces.

It is clear that Netflix is ​​a platform that knows how to keep up with the times. Young and old can indeed benefit from its services. This time, the platform has bet on an online store selling derivative products to stand out from the competition. An originality that will certainly pay off given the success it has with its fans. You will find there Yasuke t-shirts sold for the modest sum of $ 30 each. On the other hand, it will take 74 dollars for a sweatshirt designed on the same theme.

An original idea that will pay off

While still at its launch stage, Netflix intends to put Stranger Things and The Witcher products on sale very soon. It is for the platform a full-fledged gold mine that will only optimize its monthly revenues. Let us hope that these will fully contribute to always offer us the best and this, in order to retain its most loyal customers. Lupine fans will also not be disappointed because Netflix has thought of them from this perspective of derivatives. In the long term, the streaming giant has even signed an unprecedented collaboration with the Louvre museum.

It is clear that Netflix’s 200 million or so users have helped build its international success together. This new store will be in a way his material signature on the fans of his productions.

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