Cock-a-doodle Doo ! After the success of the series Lupine with Omar Sy, Netflix is ​​preparing to produce a brand new original French creation imagined by Olivier Demangel (Baron Noir) and Tristan Séguéla (Doctor?). The series titled Wonderman will retrace the life of Bernard Tapie, ” from singer to businessman, from minister to prisoner, through his successes and failures “. In all, a period of 20 years of his life.


The series will not be an outright adaptation, however. ” Our aim is not to make an indictment for or against Tapie. Nor to put in images its Wikipedia file (…). Wonderman will be a biopic on man, freer than a biopic of facts, with a very strong element of subjectivity », Explains the streaming platform.

And to embody this personality “out of the ordinary with a romantic destiny”, the two directors called on Laurent Lafitte.


An obvious choice for Tristan Séguéla, who has already collaborated with the actor on the set of 16 years old or almost in 2013. ” The series was born in the dressing room of this film that I was shooting with Laurent. We both said to each other that he looked incredibly like Bernard Tapie (…). So we hit each other in the hand. We kept in mind this desire to work together again. », Remembers our colleagues at Première.

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