Netflix intends to maintain its leadership position in streaming. To stand out from its competitors, it would plan to launch a platform called N-Plus, which would be halfway between a social network and a news site. Indeed, according to the site Protocol, the streaming service would have sent a survey to a few users to collect their opinions on this new project.

New Netflix content on the new platform

Despite the arrival of new competitors, Netflix continues to lead the streaming market, and has even been the most Oscar-winning studio. However, competing platforms are evolving very quickly, such as Disney + whose number of subscribers is only growing. Netflix strikes back by developing the idea of ​​a new platform. “N-Plus is a future online space where you can find out more about the Netflix shows you love and everything related to them”, is it indicated in the survey sent to subscribers. For the moment that a simple subject of exploration, Netflix assured that it wanted to collect the opinion of its audience in order to take into account its ideas.

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If the streaming service did not want to say more about this project, rumors are flowing about the form that the platform could take. In this space, the emphasis would be on community and content promotion. Netflix plans to group podcasts, playlists, but also reviews to share with friends.

On the other hand, the platform would look like a news site, with information on upcoming Netflix productions and unpublished content. Concretely, it will be “A stream of text, images and videos where you can sign up to receive news, interviews, analysis and more in-depth dives into your favorite series”.

N-Plus will allow you to interact like on social networks

N-Plus could also have a social network dimension. The new platform would allow users to converse about upcoming movies and series. Indeed, the firm asked the opinion of its users on a feature that would allow “To learn more about a planned program (pre-production) and to influence its development with comments before the end of filming”. Thus, subscribers could have an influence on a pre-production program. Netflix would also consider the possibility of analyzing the reviews posted by users to highlight those of people with the same tastes, which would promote the community side.

While the company has not communicated the details of this new offer, it has not specified whether it will pay off. Indeed, registration will obviously be mandatory, but it would not be surprising to see costs added to those of the Netflix subscription.

It remains to be seen whether the responses from users will allow Netflix to make the N-Plus project a reality. To maintain its leading position in the streaming market, the platform has been redoubling its efforts recently, in particular with its “Pour Rire” section, allowing it to promote its catalog of films and series.

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