Netflix has just lifted the veil on the list of the 10 most watched films in its catalog. Topping the list is always the action movie “Tyler Rake” starring Chris Hemsworth, Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock and Spenser Confidential. This new ranking marks the arrival of a few newcomers, including Enola Holmes, Army of the Dead and Project Power.

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The Netflix catalog allows you to watch countless original productions and content produced by other studios. Nevertheless, it is the original series and films that have established themselves as the growth engine of the streaming service in recent years.

In this context, Netflix invests colossal sums every year in producing its own entertainment. In 2021, the number of VOD will also spend 19 billion dollars to produce films and series. It’s a record.

Tyler Rake, Bird Box… Here are the most watched original movies on Netflix

The ranking of the most watched films is similar to that published last July. In the leading pack, we find Tyler rake, a testosterone-packed action movie starring Chris Hemsworth followed by Bird Box, the famous thriller starring Sandra Bullock. Inspired by the world of film, Internet users had launched a dangerous challenge on social networks during the release.

1. Tyler Rake – 99 million
2. Bird Box – 89 million
3. Spenser Confidential – 85 million
4.6 Underground – 83 million
5. Murder Mystery – 83 million
6. The Old Guard – 78 million
7. Enola Holmes – 76 million
8. Project Power – 75 Million
9 and 10 (tie) The Midnight Sky and Army of the Dead – 72 million

The ranking also marks the entry into the scene of many more recent films. Let us mention in particular The Old Guard, a science fiction film starring Charlize Theron, Enola Holmes, an adventure film derived from the universe of Sherlock Holmes (with Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things), Project Power, an excellent action movie that looks like a superhero movie, or The Midnight Sky, a anticipation film starring George Clooney.

Finally, we will note the card recorded by Army of the Dead. Released on Netflix on May 14, 2021, the zombie flick by Zack Snyder (the filmmaker behind the extended version of Justice League) has been viewed by 72 million subscribers worldwide.

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