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As summer approaches, Netflix enriches its platform with its share of new series and new films. What are we waiting for the most? The second part of Lupine, with Omar Sy, which we hope will live up to the premiere! Also back to upscale high school Las Encinas with the fourth season ofElite who will bring some new blood with new students. And as a bonus, Netflix will offer four “short stories” around “old” characters from the Spanish series. Little curiosity also around Sweet tooth, around his young hero half-human, half-stag, a series adapted from a comic book and produced by Robert Downey Jr.

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On the film side, a change of genre for Gina Rodriguez : after Jane the virgin, she tries her hand at action and science fiction with Awake. And then the fans of the Mexican soap La Casa de las Flores will be happy to discover that a film will really end the series on a high note!

New series coming to Netflix in June 2021

Sweet tooth (June 4)
Katla (June 17)
Elite – Short stories : Guzmán Caye Rebe (June 14); Nadia Guzmán (June 15); Omar Ander Alexis (June 16); Carla Samuel (June 17)
The rational life (June 18)
Nevertheless (June 19)
Sex / Life (June 25)

But also :
Feel good, season 2 (June 4)
Vikings, season 6, part A (June 5)
Lupine, part 2 (June 11)
Working moms, season 5 (June 12)
Black summer, season 2 (June 17)
Atiye, season 3 (June 17)
Elite, season 4 (June 18)
The sinner, season 3 (June 20)
The naked director, season 2 (June 24)
The A List, season 2 (June 25)
Black Lightning, season 4 (June 29)

Movies coming to Netflix in June 2021

Carnival (June 2)
Dance with the queens (June 3)
Sweet & Sour (June 4)
Xtreme (June 4)
We don’t stop the Kandasamys anymore (June 4)
Awake (June 9)
Skater Girl (June 11)
A Family (June 18)
Jagame Thandhiram (June 18)
Kenshin: The Completion (Part 4) (June 18)
An outstanding dad (June 18)
Good on Paper (June 23)
La Casa de las Flores: The Movie (June 23)
America: the movie (June 30th)
Prime Time (June 30th)

Reality shows and documentaries coming to Netflix in June 2021

Our planet has its limits: The science alert (June 4)
Cats, this is really us (June 5)
It crispy! (June 9)
Free your mind (June 15)
Cape of the penguins (June 16)
These amazing vacation rentals (June 18)
This is pop (June 22)
Murders on the Costa del Sol: the Wanninkhof-Carabantes affair (June 23)
Three sisters in the starting blocks (June 24)
Chronicle of a murder: the case of Toscan du Plantier (June 30th)

But also : High voltage seduction, season 2 (June 23)


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