On the Netflix platform, the comedy-drama “Un papa outstanding” has been a hit since its release. It quickly slipped into the top 10 and remains top 3 in Reunion for the moment. American actor Kevin Hart, accustomed to comedies, shows that his acting is not limited to one genre.

This film stars Matt, a solo dad after the death of his wife shortly after the birth of Maddie, their baby girl. From the first minutes, we know that he will give everything for her. The interest is elsewhere, in a multitude of small details that prove that this outstanding dad really existed.

A young daddy

Kevin Hart must therefore raise his daughter alone while his family, including his mother-in-law, do not trust him. He will try with great difficulty to learn to be a single father and to play both roles equally.

A film with very touching scenes which also alternates with a touch of comedy. Between the loss of his wife and therefore the mother of his granddaughter, the young dad fights against prejudices and also discovers that raising a child alone is not easy.

The film is still available on the Netflix platform.

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