As part of their “Representation Matters” collection, which represents the LGBT + community, Netflix has produced a cartoon featuring a non-binary character.

This is a great first on the VOD platform. In July, Netflix will unveil its brand new animated series titled “Ridley Jones: Protector of the Museum”. Children will learn about the story of Ridley, a 6 year old who lives with her mother and grandmother in a cabin… located inside a natural history museum. Like the famous “Night at the Museum” saga, in the evening the museum comes to life, much to Ridley’s delight.

If his crazy stories will amuse our kids, this is another piece of information that catches our attention. The series will indeed feature, for the very first time on Netflix, a non-binary character, as the site reports. Scary mommy. This is Fred, a bison very friendly with Ridley.

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This inclusive cartoon is released as part of the platform’s “Representation Matters” collection. This shows the audiovisual giant’s desire to include more diversity and representation of the LGBT + community in its programs.

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“I really wanted to do a series where a girl was the star of an action-adventure program that I always wanted to see (or be) when I was little”, said designer Chris Nee in a press release relayed by Break up, “Like many of my shows, this world is a perfect canvas on which to build a community of wacky characters and model what it means to take care of each other, even if you’re not from the same era or the same.” wing of the museum. ” An inclusive series that also teaches children to respect others and good news in this pride month!

The program will be available on July 13 on Netflix.

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