Love is blind, but how much? Netflix revises the traditional blind date in its own way with Sexy Beasts.

It is often said that love is blind and that we can only see well with the heart, and yet… would you be able to fall in love or in love with a monster? This is the question that Netflix will try to answer with its new production. Baptized Sexy Beasts, this reality show will bring together several singles during a blind date. But if the concept is nothing new on paper, Love is blind had already offered dates in the dark, the new production of N rouge adds a welcome dose of wacky.

In Sexy Beasts, each of the participants will wear makeup to camouflage their appearance. With special effects worthy of the biggest Hollywood productions, the series is reminiscent of the show Face Off, which saw FX makeup enthusiasts face off against each other. Thus, trolls, dolphins, and even Satan himself will rub shoulders at candlelit dinners, bowling or ax throwing sessions.

Netflix’s new production isn’t exactly new on its own. It is an adaptation of an English reality TV broadcast on BBC Three since 2014. It remains to be seen whether success will be there. In any case, it should offer some moments of comedy and no doubt also of embarrassment. We can also imagine that the concept is exported internationally, as was already the case for the concept. The Circle.

See you as soon as July 21 on Netflix to discover the first episodes. In the category of reality TV, the platform continues to make its classes to compete with the good old television.

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