Like a Comic-Con, the event will serve as a meeting place for fans of geek culture around the world. On the program: interviews, conferences and information on upcoming Netflix productions.

Netflix will celebrate geek culture with an unprecedented event. On Twitter, the firm unveils the Geeked Week program, a virtual gathering that will allow it to promote its productions and offer new content to its subscribers. From June 7 and until June 11, the N Rouge will meet us at the following address: Like Comic-Con, the event should be an opportunity to discover first trailers, meet the stars of different series and participate in conferences. In its press release, the firm explains:

“These fandoms aren’t just about creating GIFs, buying products, or theorizing about the next big twists and turns. It’s about sharing excitement and connecting with people around the world who have the same passion for these characters and stories. ”

However, the platform has not yet specified how these various events will be organized. We can nevertheless expect an experience similar to that offered by DC and Warner last August during its DC Fandome.

The Witcher and Sandman in the spotlight

Among the productions honored by the program, we find without surprise The Witcher. The series adapted from the eponymous novels is due to return for a second round of episodes, so we expect to discover a first trailer and maybe even a release date. We should also get more information on the series Master of the Universe: Revelation. It must be streamed on Netflix July 23 on the platform. Here again, we can expect a first trailer, just to promote the reboot of the 80s series as it should. In addition to its two eagerly awaited productions, Netflix should offer us exclusive information on its adaptation project of Sandman, as well as on the third season of The Umbrella Academy. Sweet tooth, which will be released a few days before the event, will also be on the program, just like Cowboy Bebop and resident Evil. A beautiful program therefore which could be enriched in the coming weeks. Netflix announced: “We’ll be sharing more information in the coming weeks on how to watch and when to tune in, so bookmark and come back here for all the details. But in the meantime, load up your devices, dust off your prettiest cosplay and get ready to play geek. ” The appointment is therefore made.


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