Will Smith will play the emcees and host several names from English-speaking humor.

Netflix is ​​positioning itself on humor to establish itself more durably in the SVOD sector. The platform, which already has a full catalog of fiction and documentaries, wants to diversify its activities. According to Deadline, she is preparing a special show to be presented by Will Smith. The actor will also be in production with his company Westbrook Studio. This is not the first collaboration between the actor of Bad boys and the platform. He had notably played Daryl Ward in the feature film Bright released in 2017.

Here he is expected to play the emcees on a show of about an hour. This will be an opportunity for Netflix to bring together several names from the American scene around sketches, conversations and musical performances. A rich program therefore, but which is reminiscent of the concept of Saturday Night Live, which is still the heyday of NBC today and which has propelled many actors to the forefront. This pastille could therefore have fun with current events and perhaps even its own productions. We wouldn’t be surprised to find there parodies of his most popular series.

Netflix could stream this special as early as this year. However, she did not specify whether the experience is intended to be repeated. In any case, Netflix intends to position itself in the humor market. In 2022, the platform will launch its first comedy festival. For more than a week, the Red N will bring together more than 100 English-speaking comedians, on stage and live on Netflix. The appointment is set from April 29 to May 8, 2022. The platform has also launched a site dedicated to the project, which will make it possible to obtain tickets and find out all the details of the program.

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