Netflix would he have found his new “365 days”? With the sulphurous series ” Sex / life “, The ambition is, in any case, crystal clear: to raise the temperature on the streaming platform, where many films, serials and shows with an erotic tendency are already available with one click, such as “Fifty Shades of Gray”, “Addicted”, “Dark Desire” or “High Tension Seduction”. This time, it’s the story of a love triangle between a sexy housewife, her husband and her ex-boyfriend that is brought back to us in eight boiling hot episodes, posted online this Friday, June 25. Worn out by the boredom of her tidy little life, Billie (Sarah Shahi, from “Person of interest”) feels the flame between her and her husband, Cooper (Mike Vogel, from “Under the dome”), slowly s’ switch off. She finds herself dreaming of her intrepid twenties and her frenzied evenings with her friend Sasha (Margaret Odette from “Elementary”), during which she chained the conquests of one night. When her ex, Australian millionaire Brad Simon (Adam Demos, from “Falling Inn Love”), bursts into her life again, she begins to dream of their scorching nights. She then recounts all these fantasies in her diary, very quickly discovered by her husband …

On the program of this serial imbroglio: dream plastic, nostalgia, sexual tension and ole ole scenes. Taken from BB Easton’s novel, “4 men in 44 chapters” the production offers above all “a new and provocative look at female identity and desire,” Netflix underlines. Above all, it aims to rush into the growing demand for this kind of soft erotic fiction, intended for a female audience in search of excitement. Even if we can blame him for an expected and simple scenario, we must recognize a story better tied and less problematic than “365 days”. The cast is doing pretty well too, with a Sarah Shahi who managed to breathe authenticity into the character of Billie, whose tugging we come to understand. The strong chemistry between her and Adam Demos is undoubtedly for nothing, especially since it was obviously not feigned … The actress, in fact, succumbed for real to the charm of her partner during the shooting . On Instagram, she even bluntly confessed to having met her soul mate, and that she had never loved someone so much!

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