New details have emerged on the terms of Britney Spears’ guardianship in a report from The New YorkerIt’s Ronan Farrow and Jia Tolentino. The report highlights the mistreatment of Spears by his father and conservative James “Jamie” Spears, who has run guardianship and controls his daughters’ finances since 2008. Farrow and Tolentino spoke to his mother Lynne Spears, Jacqueline Butcher (a former friend of the Spears ‘family), Spears’ former housekeeper, her former friend Sam Lufti and a number of people who have worked around her.

At a recent Trusteeship hearing, Britney Spears delivered an inflammatory speech, alleging that Jamie was in control of more than his finances; she said she was forced to continue using birth control, was not allowed to have more children, and much of her personal decision-making was overseen by her father. Although it was recently reported that Spears had been lobbying against the Guardianship since 2014, The New YorkerThe report reveals that she showed her disapproval of her father’s role in the arrangement as early as 2008 (the same year the guardianship began). “During her hospitalization, she had contacted a lawyer named Adam Streisand,” write Farrow and Tolentino. “He represented her at a court hearing on February 4 [2008], testifying that Spears had a “strong desire” that Jamie was not a restaurateur.

Farrow and Tolentino report that the day before Britney’s speech at the guardianship hearing, the singer called 911 to report herself as a victim of guardianship abuse. Members of his team were reportedly texting each other frantically, concerned about what Brtiney might say during the hearing. They reportedly discussed “how to prepare in case she becomes a thug,” as Farrow and Tolentino write (they corroborated the call with someone close to Spears and with law enforcement in Ventura County, in California).

On the initial process of setting up the guardianship, Butcher said The New Yorker: “The whole process lasted maybe ten minutes. No one testified. No questions were asked. The report also states that Lynne was not named a co-curator because she believed the tutelage would only last a few months, and Jamie quickly took control of it anyway.

Butcher recalls an alleged incident in which she says Jamie told Britney, “‘You’re fat. Daddy is going to diet and train you, and you are going to get back in shape. The New Yorker that in the following weeks, “Jamie wore Spears down. “He was putting everything in her face – spit was flying – telling her that she was a bitch and a terrible mother,” Butcher said. The New Yorker. Britney regained limited access to her children, but her father “got rid of everyone his daughter had been close to”, as the report states. This included a housekeeper Britney had become close to, whom Jamie allegedly fired.

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Public outcry over Spears’ trusteeship has exploded in recent months as she battled the trusteeship in court, which culminated with her striking first-hand testimony in June. Since her father Jamie Spears implemented the Guardianship in 2008, Britney Spears has alleged that she has been used to control her choices regarding her finances, schedule and health.

In addition to the outpouring of fans, several other artists have spoken out in support of Spears’ fight, including Christina Aguilera and Dionne Warwick. On July 1, asset management firm Bessemer Trust asked to withdraw from the trusteeship deal, with the finance company citing a desire to honor Spears’ wishes by ending the legality. Jamie Spears recently called for an investigation into his daughter’s allegations in late June.

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