Netflix continues to support us in this complicated period. In April, like every month, the SVOD platform will add new content. We take stock.

The curfew has lengthened a bit (from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.) but, unfortunately, several regions have also gone through the confinement box. So as not to be tempted to leave your home, you can always count on Netflix, which regularly adds films and series to its catalog. We now know the content that will arrive in April. Numerama offers you a wide selection, but editorialized.

As in March, there are no major events to report on Netflix. We are starting to feel the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on production (several shootings have been delayed). There are still a lot of original films in April.

Stop daddy, you make me ashamed! // Source: Netflix

As the Netlix catalog now contains more than 3,000 titles, we have also compiled a narrow list of the best series on Netflix France of the moment, according to the themes and genres sought.

Here are the new movies, series and docuses to follow on Netflix France in April 2021.

The 100, season 7 – April 1

The struggle continues for the survivors of a nuclear apocalypse.

The Serpent – April 2

A series centered on Charles Sobhraj, a serial killer who allegedly murdered several tourists in Asia. Charming.

Snabba Cash – April 7

Easy money has to be taken.

Stop dad, you make me ashamed! – April 14

A widowed man must learn to father a rowdy teenage girl. From and with Jamie Foxx.

Shadow and Bone – April 23

Alina Starkov is a cartographer with extraordinary power. What attracts the attention of the dark forces …

My King – April 1

After a skiing accident, a woman remembers her intense relationship with a man.

The Strategist – April 1

How Billy Beane will revolutionize the world of baseball by leading his team in an unprecedented way. With Brad Pitt.

Schindler’s List – April 1

The life of Oskar Schindler, son of an Austrian-born industrialist who decides to protect Jews during World War II.

Madame Claude – April 2

A wealthy young recruit threatens to shake up Madame Claude’s sex empire, whose influence in the Paris of the 1960s is immense.

Concrete Cowboy – April 2

There is Idris Elba.

Love and Monsters – April 14

Joel seeks to regain the love of his life after surviving a monster invasion. Hence the title.

Thunder Force – April 9

Two childhood friends become superheroes and team up to fight crime.

Ride or Die – April 15

Rei seeks to save Nanae from her abusive husband. During their flight, they will confront their contradictory feelings.

In Blind Spots – April 29

A couple move then discovers that their marriage hides a heavy secret.

Tell me what you’re wearing – April 1

Museum Theft: The Biggest Burglary in Art History – April 7

Everything is said in the title.

Why did you kill me? – April 14

Dive into the Crystal Theobald case, murdered at the age of 24.

Life in Color with David Attenborough – April 22

How do animals use their colors to survive in nature?

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