If you liked the essential work Pride and Prejudice (the novel of the legendary Jane austen, like the movie with the beautiful Keira knightley), You will love Persuasion, available on the platform next year! Patience…

An intriguing synopsis

Immersion in early 19th century, in the life of Anne Elliotyoung woman outfrom a family noble but on the straw. When she was 19, the young lady refused to marry Frederick Wentworth, convinced that he was not a good game. But 9 years later, here she is again alone, on the verge of becoming an old maid. As luck does things well, his youthful love resurfaces. Captain, he returns as a hero of the war to his native country: the Netherlands. Now that he is rich, ready to start a family and in a high position, young Anne finds him much more interesting. However, everything opposes the two protagonists and their past hinders their future. The captain is no longer sure of his feelings for her. The plot will give us the end of this heated and intriguing relationship

The cast unveiled

For this film adaptation, Netflix entrusts the reins to the director Carrie Cracknell, of which this is the first film. And the least we can say is that the casting is heavy! Dakota johnson, star of the saga 50 shades, remove the handcuffs to put on the period costume of the main character, Anne Elliot. The role of his soulmate will be assigned to Cosmo Jarvis, singer and actor, unveiled in the series Raised by wolves. The romantic drama will also host Henry golding, flagship actor of comedy Crazy Rich Asians. This time, he will interpret the role of Machiavellian cousin who takes a dim view of the captain’s return. We haaaaate !!!

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