Dear Amy: One of our sons and his wife are constantly late for every meeting, most of which takes place at our house. They are parents of our 2 year old grandson.

Amy dickinson

They can be between two and four hours late – it seems they pop up when they feel like it.

We usually set a time for what they said that’s best for them!

This last Father’s Day, everyone came at 1pm, I did all the cooking (as usual), and they arrived at 5pm!

Our four other married children are also parents. Due to the delay, the rest of the family are not spending time with this grandchild / cousin as they are ready to go home by the time the latecomers arrive.

It has become a big problem.

We stopped waiting for them to eat and declined their offers to bring a dish or dessert because he is not there when we need him!

As a parent, I am heartbroken. I’m not comfortable saying anything to my son or DIL, and I don’t think my other kids want it either.

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