Between two outings on the terrace, we sometimes want to relax for an evening. What better way to relax than a good Netflix show? Here is our selection for June.

In June, Neflix offers exciting new programs. We intend to watch the hot series “Sex / Life”, the “Taken” films and relax thanks to “Headspace: Free your mind”.


“Sex / Life”

This is a series that should make people talk about it… and set the cottages on fire! Based on BB Easton’s book “4 men in 44 chapters”, the eight episodes of this season 1 explore the question of desire. “Sex is rarely sex and nothing else. What does this mean to you? »Questions the trailer where the plot unfolds: a love triangle between a woman, her sulphurous past and her husband.

We will explore the depths of feminine desire with actress Sarah Shahi (“Person of Interest”) who plays a married woman, tidy, in love with her husband but sexually frustrated. Summer will be hot, we tell you!

To see from June 25.


Who has never dreamed of having a father like Byran Mills? Since the day her daughter Kim is kidnapped during a trip to Paris (in a terrible scene in which she calls her father while hiding under a bed), the man will have only one goal: hunt down his kidnappers. Obviously, with his past as a secret agent, Bryan is trained in research techniques and will not hesitate for a second to put himself in danger to save his daughter.

What do we like about this film directed by Pierre Morel? The lead actor Liam Neeson, the action (I challenge anyone to say they got bored during this feature film) and the father-daughter relationship which is particularly touching.

All three films have been available since June 15.

“Headspace: Free your mind”

Are you stressed on a daily basis? Do you need to relax? The streaming platform has the perfect solution for you! This interactive program allows you to meditate mindfully whenever and wherever you want.

You can even personalize your experience by choosing one of these three options: relaxation, meditation, or sleep. The program will ask you how you are feeling and you will be able to adapt your session according to your current needs. If that’s not fantastic! Are we trying to let go?

To be tested since June 15.

Editor for various Swiss newspapers, blogger and passionate about words, Elvire Küenzi loves series (she fell into the magic cauldron while watching Sex and the City and never came out)! She also writes girly novels while eating marshmallows and sipping cocktails (in moderation, of course).

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