We did it. We survived the Purge!

The horror film series about a dystopian America in which it’s legal to kill whoever you want one night a year supposedly ends with the fifth entry, “The Forever Purge.” Hope this is true, but don’t be shocked if we get “The Purge VI: The Purge Awakens” in a few years.

Duration: 103 minutes. Rated R (strong / bloody violence and language throughout.) In theaters.

Since the bloody franchise debuted in 2013, it has become a “handmaid’s tale” for the weak. The premise: America has reached its boiling point of crime and social discord, so an insurgent political party called the New American Founding Fathers is instituting a 12-hour period per year in which it is perfectly legal to commit anything. what a crime, including murder. And they say there is nothing Washington, DC can do.

This idea was fun once, maybe even twice, but on the fifth outing, the formula gave way to preaching and predictability.

“The Forever Purge” begins, like its predecessors, with a newsreel explaining the state of the union. This time the problem is illegal immigration and the border wall. “You have to ask yourself: is the American dream still alive? Says a presenter. “The United States hate,” said another. And finally, “The new founding fathers reestablish the purge,” someone said, before a chorus of demons sang, “From the sea to the shining sea!” “

At the end of 2016 “The Purge: Election Year” – one way to add to the rhetoric, guys – the Deadly Law was done away with. But, like Teri Hatcher every few years, it’s back in full force.

The United States is sinking - once again - into chaos in "The purge forever."
The United States falls into chaos again in “The Forever Purge”.
© Universal / Courtesy of Everett Col

Hoping to survive the night unscathed, a married couple of illegal immigrants from Mexico, Juan (Tenoch Huerta) and Adela (Ana de la Reguera), who live in South Texas. A herding family that Juan works for, led by a racist patriarch (Josh Lucas), also tries to spend the night in their house which turns into a bunker.

Twelve hours later, the sirens sound and the purge is over. Everything is beautiful dory, right? Wrong. The killing continues without law. We learn that a group of extremists using, I don’t know, Reddit or something, have proclaimed the “Forever Purge”, a never-ending death parade until they make their Nazi dreams come true. ‘a white America.

For those who protest against this grotesque act, the only solution is to seek asylum in Mexico. And so our sorta-heroes are heading to El Paso.

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On the fifth outing, the phrase “Purge” gave way to preaching and predictability.
© Universal / Courtesy of Everett Col

The obvious pitfall of having nearly identical storylines across five films – people opposed to the Purge end up seeing their lives threatened by it – is that the films become less and less scary. I’m a weakling who cried house flies, but “The Forever Purge” was easy to watch.

Although their path is well mapped out, Huerta and de la Reguera skillfully wear the hats of action stars and sympathetic moral authorities. It’s always a plus when you encourage the slopes not to die. In some slasher movies, the characters are so boring that you choose #TeamSerialKiller.

This pair is great. This does not compensate for the dominant political message which is no longer satirical, sophisticated or particularly frightening. Now is the right time to bow out, because “The Purge” has become a scourge.

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