Director Patty jenkins made progress in pre-production for her Star wars debuting as she draws closer to a December 2023 release date for Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. She told The Hollywood Reporter that she was “finishing” a script and already forming a team.

Jenkins also teased “a whole different way of working” as she spoke about her collaboration with the Star wars brain trust, and said they are “deep enough in” the process. In June 2021, Lucasfilm chose writer Matthew Robinson as a co-collaborator on the project.


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As Jenkins told THR:

“It’s going amazing. I was already there six months before I even announced it, so we’re pretty deep. We finish a script, we get together, and everything goes wonderfully. I’m so excited about the story and excited that we are the next chapter of Star Wars, which is such a responsibility and such an opportunity to really start new things. It’s really exciting that way.

Jenkins, who revealed in the Rogue Squadron announcement video that she has a personal connection to the story, her father was an Air Force pilot, also added that she is “free enough” to make the movie she wants.

“It’s a whole different way of working. I’m on the phone with each of them and do Zoom meetings with everyone involved in Star Wars all the time. I’m pretty free to make the story we want to make, but you really need to know who’s done what, who’s doing what, where it’s going and how it’s working, and what designs have been done before. It’s a whole different way of working that I’m updating myself on.

Rogue Squadron marks a creative pivot for the Star wars franchise following the conclusion of the Skywalker Saga in 2019. Disney and Lucasfilm are focusing on making stand-alone films, one of which will be directed by Thor: Ragnarok coxswain Taika Waititi; another will be produced by the president of Marvel Studios Kevin feige. Meanwhile, Rian johnson is busy filming the Knives Out sequel in Greece, Disney and the director remaining evasive on the status of his previously announced trilogy.

Jenkins and star Gal gadot became popular property in Hollywood following the release and subsequent critical and commercial success of Wonder woman in 2017. Reactions as a result, Wonder Woman 1984, were considerably less enthusiastic when it debuted in 2021. Nonetheless, Warner Bros. has confirmed that Jenkins and Gadot will return for a third and final film in the trilogy. The director-actor duo are also working on a Cleopatra movie for Paramount, which Jenkins told Collider in January 2021 that she was very “excited” to make.

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