Quentin Tarantino engaged in a broad discussion with podcast host Joe Rogan in a Joe Rogan Experience episode released Tuesday in which he addressed several of his controversies over his career.

The Oscar-winning writer-director has discussed his impending retirement after his upcoming film, Bruce Lee’s fight in Once upon a time in hollywood and movie violence against female characters, as well as her history with producer Harvey Weinstein, among many other topics, which are highlighted below.

On criticism of Jennifer Jason Leigh’s character, Daisy Domergue, repeatedly beaten by Kurt Russell’s John Ruth in The Hateful Eight: “This is bullshit. There is nothing that happens to him that could not have happened to a man in the same situation. If instead of Daisy Domergue, it is [David Carradine’s Boxcar Bertha train robber] Big Bill Shelly, a 250-pound man with a big Grizzly Adams beard, you wouldn’t think Kurt Russell slaps him all the time. Well, it happens to a girl who’s as bad as Big Bill Shelly because I don’t play with my fucking favorites. That makes it a little harder to watch, but I agree that it’s a little harder to watch – well, it’s a fucking raw movie. This is Assumed hurt. It’s like when a black family runs the stagecoach relay and Daisy’s gang murder them all; having them in black hurts more. Well, that’s supposed to hurt!

On Brad Pitt’s hardened stuntman Cliff Booth’s brutal attack on murderous Manson family members including Susan Atkins (Mikey Madison) and Patricia Krenwinkel (Madisen Beaty): Rogan said other filmmakers couldn’t have gotten away with this scene these days, and Tarantino’s story as an acclaimed and successful filmmaker made him “grandfather” . Tarantino replied, “We are talking about three of the bloodiest and most violent killers of the 20th century. Their own grandpa madness, their faces get fucked hard. “

On Bruce Lee’s fight in Once upon a time, who has been criticized for describing the martial arts legend as a swagger who is beaten by Booth: Rogan pointed out, “A lot of people thought you made Bruce Lee an asshole.” Tarantino replied: “I can understand her daughter having a problem with that is her fucking dad, I get it. But someone else [can] going to suck a cock. If you look at him it’s obvious Cliff tricked him, that’s how he was able to [beat him,] it is explained a little more in the book. Tarantino then explained that in their best of three contest, Cliff let Lee win the first round to see which move he would use, and then he expected Lee to use the same move the second time around, which he then pulled off. against. “The stuntmen hated Bruce on The green hornet, it’s in Matthew Polly’s book… Bruce had nothing but disrespect for American stuntmen and always hit them. He always marked them with his feet and fists and it got to the point where they refused to work with him. Rogan then wondered what Lee might have said if he had been asked about this allegation, and Tarantino said, “Ah, ‘They just aren’t good enough. They are pussies. I want it to look real. But [stuntmen] don’t like it, it’s unprofessional… Cliff is a combat killer. He fought in WWII… if Cliff fought Bruce Lee in a martial arts competition at Madison Square Garden, Cliff wouldn’t stand a chance. But as a killer who killed men in a jungle, he would kill him.

On Harvey Weinstein, who produced most of Tarantino’s films and was sentenced to 23 years in prison in 2020 after being convicted of rape and sexual assault: The director claimed that a certain degree of the producer’s behavior was known to everyone, including the main actors who worked with him. He said Weinstein’s situation made him “sad” and that he saw the producer as a “goddamn father figure”… “I wish I could have talked to the guy. I wish I had sat him down and had the uncomfortable conversation. I didn’t know of any rape or anything like that… but I knew he was… I attributed it to the boss chasing the secretary around the office… he was making unwanted advances. That’s how I saw him… I wish I had sat him down and said, ‘Harvey, you can’t do this, you’re going to screw it up.’ I don’t think anyone told him about it. And the thing is, everyone who was in his orbit knew… They didn’t know, probably they didn’t know about the rapes. But they had heard things.

On originally intending to cast Mickey Rourke in Proof of death in place of Kurt Russell: “The agent was screwing us up. I [said], ‘Here’s one of the offers, you have until 9 p.m. Friday night to accept or decline.’ And they missed the deadline. He noted that Rourke was interested and engaged in the role, but “the agents said,” Oh, they need him, so we can do whatever we want. Whenever the officers treat me like this, I pull the plug out. They are arsonists disguised as firefighters.

On his impending retirement after his upcoming 10th and final film yet to be announced: “You all know actors, bands, singers, athletes that you loved and when they did something new it was exciting and special. And then at a certain point, it’s not exciting or special anymore. That’s not to say they’re worthless, but it’s just not the excitement of releasing a new movie or album. I want to retire before I lose to Leon Spinks and leave you wanting more. I don’t want it to be like ‘Forget the shit he does now, back then …’ “Rogan replied,” But you’re at the top of your game, “to which Tarantino replied,” C now is the perfect time! Rogan noted that some directors are getting too complacent, but “You’re not that guy.” Tarantino: “I don’t think I’m that guy either. But it’s almost like … you don’t say that, but it’s far, back, back behind what you say, [the subtext is], ‘No motherfucker, we [the public get to] to reject you. You cannot reject us! We’ll tell you when you’re done, you don’t tell us when you’re done! I don’t know what the next story will be. I imagine that will be more epilogue-y. [Once Upon] was the big one. Tarantino added that he plans to continue writing for various projects during his retirement. “I hope to do two more books and a play and then we’ll see what we are. I want to do Hateful eight on stage and I want to do Tank dogs on stage … I saw myself writing a novelization of Tank dogs… “

Tarantino is currently promoting its new 400-page novelization of Once upon a time in Hollywood, which expands the story of his acclaimed film.

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