In the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood novelization, Quentin Tarantino dubbed his slanderous portrayal of the late Bruce Lee and made it worse.

Quentin Tarantino is no stranger to controversy, although the release of his Once upon a time in hollywood book rekindled a firestorm over its portrayal and vision of the end Bruce lee. Once upon a time in hollywood takes audiences back to the heyday of Hollywood in 1969, tackling the Western genre, stunts, and acting politics. The film was nominated for several Academy Awards, including Best Picture, as well as Best Supporting Actor for Brad Pitt, though the film was not immune to controversy over its fictional portrayal of the film. ‘deceased real-life actors of the time.

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following Once upon a time in hollywoodComing out of 2019, Tarantino was the subject of two major controversies involving the treatments of actors Sharon Tate and Bruce Lee. Tarantino used the tragic murder of Tate by the Manson family as a shadow hovering over the film’s plot, though his version was notably a revisionist story; Tate survived when fictional characters Rick Dalton and Cliff Booth murdered the intruders. The problem was, while Sharon Tate actress Margot Robbie was the highest rated, her scenes were limited and Tate had negligible impact on the story despite her salacious real-life fate used to sell the film. The original Bruce Lee controversy involves a dispute with his family over how Tarantino’s portrayal of him betrayed his legacy. In an interview with The envelope At the time of the film’s release, Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee criticized Tarantino for describing her father as “a cocky asshole full of hot air. “

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Tarantino’s new Once upon a time in hollywood The book picks up many scenes from the film while adding commentary on the character’s perspective and other background information. While Tarantino initially defended the film’s portrayal of Bruce Lee as a creative choice, the narrative of Bruce-Cliff’s controversial fight scene novel is actually worse. In the chapter of the novel, Bruce is even more arrogant and with an arrogant contempt for stuntmen, while Cliff explains how much he hates Bruce and calls him out repeatedly “Glitter toes. “It’s no wonder Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon is so angry with the portrayal, especially since Tarantino’s recent interviews on the novel make it seem useful.

Cliff Booth and Bruce Lee in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Tarantino was asked again about OUATIH‘s Green Hornet Bruce Lee, this time claiming it was a true representation of the actor. In an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Tarantino again got on the defensive and continued to slander Lee’s legacy, this time with nuances of racism: he claimed that American stuntmen “hated” Bruce Lee for his arrogance; Bruce Lee, it should be noted, was American and born in San Francisco. Tarantino went on to explain Cliff Booth’s background as a vicious killer and hero of WWII, stating that in a martial arts ring Lee would win, but in the jungle Booth would have killed Lee.

In response, Shannon Lee wrote a letter to Hollywood journalist, discussing the racist implications of the scene in which the white stuntmen are too fragile to believe that an Asian actor could actually be better and better informed about the fights. She admits that she understands what Tarantino was looking for with Cliff Booth’s character development as a strong fighter, but Tarantino’s execution was tasteless. She points out how white Hollywood treated Bruce Lee as a stereotype of an Asian martial artist while denigrating his combat skills as less “real” than Cliff’s fighting background.

Considering Tarantino Kill Bill the films are an overt homage to Bruce Lee’s 1970s kung fu flicks, it’s not a pretty sight that he continues to smear the name of the legendary martial artist and get the facts wrong. Tarantino is notable for the controversy involving the excessively bloody nature of his films, dating back to when audiences walked out of Tank dogs on the brutal ear-cutting scene, though disputes involving insulting portrayals of real people are different. While Quentin Tarantino apparently spent a lot of time working with Sharon Tate’s family to represent them on screen respectively, he should have worked more closely with Bruce leethe estate before hitting it in the Once upon a time in hollywood novel and film.

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