With the animated adaptation of Record of Ragnarok, Netflix has done many fans a favor, but there are also critical voices. You can find out if a 2nd season is planned.

In the new Netflix anime Record of Ragnarok, mortals face off against the gods in a tournament for the survival of mankind. However, despite great expectation, this innovative concept was only moderately well received by subscribers of the streaming service. The question now arises as to whether there will be a second season or not.

Is a 2nd season of Record of Ragnarok planned?

Since June 17, all 12 episodes have been available for streaming on demand. However, contrary to expectations, the reaction to the series has been much more negative than expected. Thus, Record on Ragnarok has a meager rating of 6.4 points on platforms like IMDb. On Twitter, we can notably read dissatisfaction with the quality of the animation:

As a result, things look bad for a sequel. If the streaming numbers aren’t convincing either, Netflix probably won’t order a season 2. Since we don’t have any, we would however like to refrain from making an accurate prediction.

Enough material for a sequel to the anime available

In theory, there is enough material for one or more new seasons of Record of Ragnarok. The manga, which served as a direct model, has a total of eleven volumes. Unfortunately, there is no German language version on the market at the moment.

If Netflix announces the expected sequel, we will let you know on our site. In the meantime, animated series like Baki or Kengan Ashura, which are also focused on combat, bring you action-packed entertainment on the streaming service.

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