Like every year, the month of June is adorned with rainbow colors to celebrate Pride month and the LGBTQ + community. This year, Netflix is ​​at the rendezvous to unveil the first episode of its new animated series: Ridley jones. Alongside the heroine, Fred, a non-binary character, is among the main characters.

Steve Universe, broadcast on Cartoon Network, already had non-binary characters. In recent years, big names in animation have also turned to more inclusiveness, such as Pixar studios. With Forward, they had made a first attempt, criticized for his pictures. In Luz in Osville, Disney followed suit with its first LGBTQ + character: the main heroine, Luz, reveals her bisexuality in season 2. Netflix, known for its quest for inclusiveness, follows suit.

The cartoon tells the story of Ridley’s life, a 6-year-old girl who lives in a cabin perched in a tree in a natural history museum, alongside her mother and grandmother. A little way Night at the Museum, the museum’s objects and relics wake up every night. Intended for children, this is the first animated series produced by Netflix to feature a non-binary character. His name is Fred and he is a bison, a faithful friend of Ridley who accompanies him throughout the series.

I really wanted to do a series where a little girl would be the star of an adventure anime

Regarding the story, Chris Nee, the creator of the program, said in a press release: “I really wanted to do a series where a little girl would star in an adventure anime that I always wanted to see (or be) as a child. The world I deploy is the perfect canvas to portray a community of charactersRidley must take care of everything in the museum and protect its inhabitants. She can count on her magic compass to carry out her missions. Ridley Jones will be available on Netflix from July 13 and will complete the “Representation Matters” collection of the platform.

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