Saturday was veto day for Big Brother 23 in its first week and the drama was delivered on stream! We had an exciting selection of players followed by more exciting news with spoilers from the competition. When things don’t go as planned we get a nice little rush of chaos and that keeps everyone on their toes. Read on to find out what made Saturdays so fun on the streams.

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7:00 am BBT – The HGs receive an early wake-up call for veto day. Today is also COVID testing day.

7:15 a.m. BBT – HG discusses how Frenchie had to redo his Names speech multiple times because he was modifying it and the production made him try again.

9:20 am BBT – The streams are back from the choice of Veto players. Frenchie exclaiming that it was the worst case for him. Travis, Tiffany and Derek X have been selected to play.

10:10 AM BBT – Tiffany, Claire, and Kyland discuss that Kyland should be safe if Names stays the same with Alyssa against him.

10:15 a.m. BBT – Tiffany tells Claire that Azah brought up the idea of ​​an alliance with maybe Britini earlier.

10:35 a.m. BBT – Xavier and Derek F discuss Travis or Derek X leaving and wary of women who want more men to leave soon after.

11:00 AM BBT – Christian and Frenchie talk about Kyland and how Travis and Derek X wanted to make an alliance with him. They think Kyland may have to leave soon.

11:50 BBT – Alyssa talks to Derek X about how she ended up on the Block because Frenchie associated her with Christian. Alyssa tries to ask what it would take for DX to veto her if he wins but he doesn’t respond.

12:45 p.m. BBT – HNs are happy to remember that they are pretty much halfway through their time on Slop.

1:35 PM BBT – Alyssa explains to Kyland how the rumors of her showmance with Christian started, but are not true.

2:15 p.m. BBT – Cut flows for the Veto model.

4:14 p.m. BBT – The streams are back. Derek X won the Veto!

4:15 p.m. BBT – Derek X says he’ll do whatever Frenchie wants with the veto. Brent urging him on this.

4:30 p.m. BBT – Travis tells Kyland that DX has promised to remove him (Kyland) from the block with the veto.

4:40 PM BBT – Frenchie has promised Sarah and Claire that the two are safe this week and asks for their help in voting who is going up instead. They agree to help.

4:40 PM BBT – Derek X asks for a counter to see how many times he’s been told to do what Frenchie wants. He’s frustrated that Brent is pushing him so hard.

4:50 PM BBT – Christian talks to DX and suggests that Frenchie will want DX to keep the names as they are, but Christian wants him to save Alyssa.

5:05 PM BBT – Brent promises Kyland that he is not the target and Kyland points out that a lot of people have told him he is also wrong.

5:25 PM BBT – Christian asks Xavier if Travis is the new target. Xavier says he doesn’t know but suggests they avoid naming names. They expect DX to use the Veto.

5:40 PM BBT – DX tells Brent he is considering using it on Kyland because he had already promised Frenchie the day before to do so. Brent says it’s good.

6:05 PM BBT – DX promises Kyland that he would tell her ahead of time if anything changes and that he doesn’t use the veto.

6:20 PM BBT – Brent informs Alyssa that they are going to ask DX to use the Veto on Kyland, then Travis goes up and out.

7:00 PM BBT – Christian talks with Tiffany and Azah about the hope DX saves Kyland and Travis becomes the target.

8:15 PM BBT – Azah worries with Derek F about how quickly things are changing because DX had been in a good position and then suddenly was the target. DF says Azah does a great job connecting with women.

8:25 PM BBT – Azah asks DF if there is a great alliance and he denies it.

9:00 p.m. BBT – DX comes up to speak with Frenchie. Long conversation. Frenchie wants him to use the Veto and DX agrees. DX says he’ll save Kyland and Frenchie nods.

9:10 pm BBT – Frenchie wants to bring everyone upstairs one at a time to ask them who they want to rename. DX thinks this is a bad idea.

9:15 PM BBT – Frenchie tells DX that he (DX) played too hard too fast.

9:55 p.m. BBT – The DX and Frenchie conversation continues. Frenchie begins to offer DX a place in a larger alliance.

10:15 PM BBT – Frenchie tells DX that the house wants Travis now and if they don’t get him, they’ll go after DX next week. Frenchie pledges his support to DX.

10:20 PM BBT – Frenchie tells DX again that he can provide her with a broad alliance of support, far more than her current group of two. Frenchie tells him there are 11 members.

10:45 PM BBT – Frenchie pulls Brent into his conversation with DX. Brent goes over why he thinks DX betrayed him. Brent says they could have installed DX from the start.

10:55 PM BBT – Frenchie and Brent tell DX that Travis would have been the big name even if DX hadn’t won the veto. (The plan had been to rename DX, not Travis until DX won the veto.)

10:55 PM BBT – Xavier and Derek F have decided not to speak to the Slaughterhouse Alliance Cookout Alliance.

11:00 PM BBT – Azah is mad at Frenchie for having Brent upstairs now when Brent is not on his team. She wanted to shower upstairs in the HOH room but couldn’t.

11:00 PM BBT – DX says he doesn’t want Travis to go away. Frenchie says he’s going to sit down and talk with Travis.

11:05 PM BBT – Brent and Frenchie go over the votes to make sure they can get Travis out. They think they have had enough.

11:15 pm BBT – DX registers with Xavier. He (DX) is confused about what Frenchie is telling him because he thinks it’s not correct. DX says Frenchie wants him to use the veto to prove his loyalty after he is questioned.

11:30 pm BBT – Christian tells Whitney that he (C) was the “big fish” and the initial target.

11:45 PM BBT – Xavier promises Alyssa that she should be fine and safe this week as there is a bigger target on her.

12:20 AM BBT – Hannah and Whitney discuss possible renames. They don’t think it’s going to be a woman and agree that Travis is probably the plan.

1:20 BBT – Derek F tells Azah that Frenchie needs to communicate better with his team. Azah agrees and says this mess could have been avoided had he spoken with them.

2:45 am BBT – The farce has started. Frenchie puts shaving cream on the HGs while they sleep.

3:15 AM BBT – Frenchie complains to Whitney that no matter what happens with the veto, he’s in deep trouble. He thinks it would be easier if Derek X didn’t use the Veto.

3:25 AM BBT – Frenchie laments that he now has a big target on his back because he tackled four “meat heads” this week.

04:00 BBT – Lights off. HG goes to bed.

Good Saturday didn’t go as planned for Frenchie, did it? It was glorious for Feeds, as we saw players choose to go sideways with his two potential targets (DX and Travis) selected, and then his planned large comic target with DX got the veto. Good time! Now we still have two days until the Veto meeting, so that should be more fun to watch.

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