Netflix starts dropping a few more images regarding season 2 of The Witcher, which had the right to a very long shoot following the problems related to the pandemic. After a teaser featuring Ciri, which was unveiled during Geeked Week, it is the turn of the star of the show to be entitled to his ten seconds of video.

Henry, we missed you

Obviously, difficult to draw many clues from these images, even if we suspect that the fans will hasten to pause every second to dissect everything that we see there, with a Geralt who will have to face many threats to protect Ciri.

Fortunately, we should discover some clearer images during the Witcher Con which will take place on July 9th, and which should highlight the series. And since Ciri and Geralt were treated to their own teaser, we imagine that the next one will be Yennefer.

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