Surprise! A Frenchman slipped into the cast of season 2 of High Voltage Seduction, an American reality show broadcast on Netflix. The presence of Marvin Anthony causes a lot of reaction, on social networks

Summer will (not) be hot! In any case, not for the candidates of Too Hot to Handle, or High voltage seduction, the American reality TV broadcast on Netflix. The concept, which begins its second season, is quite simple: contestants beautiful as gods, and hot as embers, come on this show with the firm attention to profit, in every sense of the word. Except that upon their arrival, surprise: they are forbidden to have any contact, let alone sexual intercourse, with another candidate. The starting pot is $ 100,000, and every misstep costs money. Far from the sometimes watered-down scenarios of French reality TV shows, American shows stop at nothing. But this second season still allows you to shout a little cocorico: the production selected a Frenchman, Marvin Anthony, known to French television viewers for his participation in several shows, including The princes of love and Marseille vs the rest of the world.


His participation was kept secret almost until the day of the broadcast. So it was a big surprise for French viewers. “But how the Marvin there he ended up in something like High Voltage Seduction”, wonders, not quite innocently, a very surprised Internet user. On Twitter, most social network users share this disbelief. More pragmatic, an Internet user made a remark: “I don’t understand, Marvin in High voltage seduction he is French but his French version is not even him “.

A week ago, Marvin announced on his Instagram account his participation in American reality TV. Since then, he has only spoken in Shakespeare’s language on the social network. At the time, the reactions were overwhelming, and many were those who congratulated the French. For the past few hours, the most liked comments are now … In English. The French Touch is essential in the States.

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