The real story that gave Netflix Gender / Life.

Streaming giant Netflix has released a new series, Gender / Life, during the last week of June and it took the internet by storm.


Gender / Life is quite candid about the first word that includes his name and he has excited and disturbed viewers. It’s a “sex and nudity-strewn saucefest” that rose to the top of the Netflix charts. The web series follows Billie Connelly (the lovely Sarah Shahi), a dissatisfied suburban mother of two living in Greenwich, Connecticut, who misses her mundane and bland life of staying in a big house and leading. a comfortable upper middle class lifestyle. She is married to a man who has the appearance and the body of a male model and who is an investment banker who is seldom seen working and especially who is seen walking “tired” in expensive suits. .

Billie misses her perfect pink life and monotonous sex so much (her husband was watching an NFL game while she was on top of him) that she begins to covet her pre-marriage life when she was a woman. veteran of sexual escapades, and in his own words, “had been distorted in at least 73% of the positions in the Kama Sutra.”

In order to reinvigorate her mundane sex life, she begins to recall her old life and begins to document her wildest sexual experiences in a journal, a kind of memory.


These experiences include many passion and lust fueled encounters with strangers, but mostly relate to her nasty, bad boy ex-boyfriend Brad who she is still horny for. Brad is a record company executive who is typically seen having sex with Billie in all kinds of places that aren’t a bed. And Billie doesn’t want anything anymore.

While the show drew a lot of viewers for Netflix, it failed to appeal to common critics and viewers (like IMDb users), as evidenced by its 5.6 / 10 rating.


Many critics felt that the only thing the show had to offer was nudity and neon-lit sex. With a story that mirrors the intrigue of porn movies, it’s no surprise that the series has failed to engage viewers and has to rely on the Scorching to sell itself.

However, the show is based on the 2016 book 44 chapters on 4 men written by former school psychologist and self-proclaimed “skank” BB Easton.

Like her on-screen counterpart, Easton took to writing the diary after feeling stuck in the calm sea of ​​her life as a suburban wife, mother of two, and school psychologist.


Her husband, Ken, was different from the lovers and ex-boyfriends of her old life. “The man is at least ninety percent perfect to me, but lately all I can think of is the person ten or less missing: passion and body art. . Two things I need to mourn and move on to protect my beautiful, monotonous marriage. But I can’t, “Easton wrote in the first entry in his diary.

Easton wanted to relive the magic and thrill of her carefree and wild past sexcapades and she found a productive and provocative way to do it through journaling.

Easton thought about using his wild past experiences as a cocktail shaker to spice up his married life. She used the newspaper as bait and one day left it in the open where her husband could easily get his hands on it.

Easton also has a word of warning for women facing the same predicament she once faced: don’t leave your journals to your husband.

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