“The Simpsons” has a long history of wrapping jokes in the margins and sprinkling individual frame backgrounds with jokes. And with their latest crossover special – the one that combines “The Simpsons” with “Loki” and Marvel – the writers had the opportunity to go wild with references to the MCU.

The new Disney + short film “The Good, The Bart and the Loki” is roughly four minutes long, but “The Simpsons” showrunner Al Jean told TheWrap it had at least 100 references or visual clues, including “Simpsons” characters dressed as Marvel heroes. Some references even arrive in several post-credits sequences (pure Marvel fashion), and everything is punctuated with a gag order in which some Springfield residents are holding up a sign that says, “This is what happens when Disney buys Marvel and Fox. “

Jean praised longtime “Simpsons” director David Silverman for his ability to pack “as many little Easter eggs and side jokes” into the episode as possible – even though the team had a particularly tight deadline. . They’ve been tasked with delivering the “Loki” crossover in under three months, while a normal 22-minute episode of “The Simpsons” takes nine months, and the equally heavy-benchmark “Treehouse of Horror” episodes for Halloween. take a full year.

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“Every time you send him a suggestion, like Ralph as the Hulk, he sends this hilarious drawing back, so it wasn’t difficult, it was just a lot of work in a limited time,” Jean told TheWrap of Silverman’s work. “And the day we delivered it, I was so relieved I can actually relax.”

The principle of the short film is simple: Loki is banished from Asgard to Springfield, where he crashes in the garden of the Simpsons. Homer worships Loki’s ability to duplicate pork chops, while Bart convinces him to teleport Lisa to a dungeon in Asgard. And with Lisa fit for Thor’s Hammer, she summons the Springfield Avengers, which includes Barney as Iron Man, Marge as Gamora, and Ralph as the Incredible Hulk.

“The Good, The Bart and the Loki” follows another “Simpsons” short that ended on Disney +, “Maggie Simpson in The Force Awakens From Its Nap”, a parody of “Star Wars” which is fallen May 4, aka Star Wars Day. But while that short was a silent film, crossover “Loki” was able to recruit Tom Hiddleston to voice his mischievous MCU character. Jean said that Hiddleston “couldn’t have been nicer” and that they would love to bring him back for a real episode of “The Simpsons”.

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Hiddleston wasn’t the only Marvel player to lend his talents to the short – Marvel boss Kevin Feige also volunteered to share a dose of the MCU’s magic.

“He said to me, ‘Would you like the music from the’ Avengers ‘?’ Should we! ”Jean remembers.

As for future “Simpsons” crossover possibilities, the show’s staff were hired earlier this year to write up to five “Simpsons” shorts for Disney +, and Jean has said they can’t wait. try out ideas involving Pixar, Nat Geo, or other Disney animated classics. . The possibilities for Springfield are endless.

“The Good, The Bart and the Loki” is available on Disney + starting Wednesday to coincide with the penultimate episode of “Loki”.

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