Netflix and crime documentaries, it’s a marriage that has been working for a little while. The platform will continue to delight fans of the genre with “Sophie: L’affaire Toscan du Plantier”, a three-part series expected on June 30.

What is the Sophie Toscan du Plantier affair?

As temperatures rise and going out becomes an ordeal, Netflix knows how to make us stay home. The June 30th the docu-series will be posted Sophie: The Tuscan du Plantier affair. A new foray of the platform into the criminal fact. We no longer count all those already available at the time of this writing. And there is no doubt that this category still has a bright future ahead of it.

As the title suggests, it will be about the Sophie Toscan du Plantier affair, a documentary producer who was also known to be the wife of Daniel Toscan du Plantier, a French director. She was found murdered in appalling conditions in 1996, from County Cork, Ireland. The country had not been shaken for a long time by a criminal case and the media machine did not fail to do its work.

Sophie Toscan du Plantier
Sophie Toscan du Plantier

A culprit in freedom

The Sophie Toscan du Plantier affair will fascinate public opinion and a name will eventually emerge: Ian Bailey. This freelance journalist was found guilty by French justice. Ireland has refused his extradition three times and the person concerned can continue to live in freedom despite the facts with which he is accused. It must be said that the clues that attest to his guilt are numerous but the context allows him not to find himself behind bars.

A frustrating outcome for those close to Sophie Toscan du Plantier. They will also be several to testify in this docu-series divided into three episodes. As usual with titles like this, the story will be told long and hard, with archival footage and contributions from different people with knowledge of the subject. Netflix also promises that the victim’s family will ask their point of view on Ian Bailey, which may be worth the detour when we know the purpose of the case. The last extradition request dating back to 2020, the docu-series therefore arrives in time to bounce back from this new failure.

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