Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Stephen Colbert

Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Stephen Colbert
Screenshot: The late show

Of all the stellar castings of Peter Jackson The Lord of the Rings trilogy, perhaps none of them is so lastingly pitch-perfeAlong with the adorable double act of Dominic Monaghan (Merry) and Billy Boyd (Pippin). The Hobbit cousin couple have remained tight over the 20 years since The Fellowship of the Ring devastated global box offices, appearing on Tuesday Last show to promote their new podcast, The onion of friendship. And although, unfortunately, it seems that their business is not in fact a satirical work. fake news program on Middle-earth, the duo spent most of their two segments trying to take down Colbert, Tolkien’s “superfan,” with the promise of priceless prize hidden in Monaghan’s pocket. Sorry, “pockets”.

First and foremost, as is a hobbit’s way, the Forever Bound actors woke Colbert from his recently restored Ed Sullivan Theater throne to jig and sing. the drinking song of their characters’ stay at The Green Dragon Inn in Bywater. Honestly, they should have made this one of their trivial questions, as Colbert shamefully confessed that other than the chorus, he didn’t know the lyrics of the song. Yet as the clearly elated Colbert stomped and clapped, it was just about the enthusiastic return to post-pandemic late-night normalcy that everyone could have wished for. Colbert was also invited to The onion of friendship as a guest, while former Meriadoc Brandybuck and Pippin Took explained that, yes, people do offer a second breakfast whenever they see the two together on the street.

But the real fun came after the break, as Monaghan, patting his pocket and shaking his legs in anticipation, told Colbert that he would only hand over the coveted and hidden preciousness if the host could answer the three puzzles of the actors. (Actually, they were two puzzles, but one was in two parts.) Colbert has passed such quizzes in the past, whether they are asked by Thranduil or even JRR Tolkien and his wife Edith themselves, but it was these unpretentious hobbits that turned out to be inexplicably tough. Of course, everyone knows who Shelob’s mother was and how that matron spider died. It’s kid stuff. But could Colbert come up with the name of the specific valley in Fangorn Forest where Merry and Pippin witnessed Treebeard’s entmoot, a treat known only to the truest and most out-of-date hearts? Additionally, to add to the difficulty, Peter Jackson himself asked the bonus question of which historical hobbit invented the game of golf (known and originally played with the severed head of an orc).

By putting together enough half-correct answers to receive the indeed quite cool (albeit anatomically scary) award from Monaghan, Colbert ultimately kept his streak almost intact. He also responded to outrage online about the potential Game of thrones-ing of the next The Lord of the Rings prequel series, leaving his text always within reach of The Fellowship of the Ring read aloud this passage where Tom Bombadil successfully entices his Hobbit guests to “run naked on the grass”. As Boyd said back when LOTR Writer Philippa Boyens wrote frail in a scene where Merry and Pippin are naked after a fall from Treebeard’s branches, Colbert told all these purists he doesn’t want to hear any of their prudish bans on potential nudity. halflings on the excessively expensive Amazonian series. Laketown Spy spoke, folks.

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